Was Homo Sapiens The First Race To Live On Earth?

Le Moustier by Charles R. Knight, 1920

Some researchers of the myth concerning the Old Ones state that they believe that they were and still are the representatives of a race of benevolent extraterrestrials who, having lived so long until the appearance of Homo Sapiens, eventually became disgusted with human behavior.

The Old Ones would therefore be the Mysterious Teachers remembered in all earthly civilizations of the Homo Sapiens race. The word “Sapiens” means Wisdom.

Didn’t the Old Ones themselves create man, along with other cosmic civilizations, if they were so wise? Living for a time among humans as Star Gods, the Old Ones eventually took refuge beneath the planet’s crust for strategic reasons.

They saw far into the future of mankind. It is known that if someone withdraws from a group, he can observe from the outside much more clearly and objectively everything that is happening, and that is why he knows how to apply decisions correctly. Or the Old Ones intended this, watching from their places how the civilization of Homo Sapiens grew and evolved over tens of thousands of years.

Much later, other beings came from the planets of our solar system and other constellations, and the foundations of what is called Agartha in the esoteric texts were laid.

For example, we persistently find the myth of Agartha and Shamballa in Buddhism and Hinduism, but also in Romanian fairy tales (the White Island), although some authors from our country deny their existence, even if they later recognize it in another form (a world of spirits at the level the Earth’s atmosphere).

Thus Agartha is considered a so-called underground empire, inhabited by the Old Ones and their descendants, but also by other beings from other stars, and from there all these beings supervise the evolution of our race Homo Sapiens.

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