Reincarnation Is Also Possible In The Past

Most of those who believe in reincarnation assume that the passage of the soul can only be done from a past life to a future one.

Read carefully because it is a difficult story to understand. This theory blows your mind and seems hard to believe.

The old studies about the metamorphoses of the soul, inherited from civilizations that have disappeared for a long time, claim something completely different: you can be born in the future, and in the past, and in the present…

In a previous life, Pythagoras was a fighter in Troy.

It is known that Pythagoras remembered many events from his previous lives with great clarity before entering the body of the great mathematician and mystic.

For example, he claims that he was a fighter in Troy and that he fought with Achilles’ friend, Patroclus, who was killed beyond the walls of the legendary city.

Being very skeptical by nature, the Greeks decided to check if the words of Pythagoras were true.

Thus, they unexpectedly discovered a shield described in detail by the mathematician, which belonged to the fighter Euphorbus, in Mycenae, in a temple of Hera, next to the usual shields in Troy. The soul of Pythagoras was once found in his body. This unusual fact can be found in the Christian-period chronicles that have survived to the present day.

In the era of Pythagoras (5th century BC), many people knew about the reincarnation of the soul, from Greek priests to Indian Brahmins.
The essence of reincarnation was not a secret to them at the time.
Nowadays, there are tens, if not even hundreds, of different versions that describe this process, but there is no certainty that at least one of them is the correct one.

Today, the old teachings about reincarnation, passed down from civilizations that have long vanished from the face of the earth, are well known, particularly in their oriental interpretation.

BHAGAVADGHITA, the bible of the Hindus, claims that the soul is immortal and that it periodically changes its tired body for a new one, just as we change an old garment. The West doubts: is it really so? Is there really a transfer of souls, a phenomenon called reincarnation?

This is a question that now concerns not only mystics but also scientists.
The information obtained through rigorous research is compared to data from historical archives from all over the world. The most stringent verification commissions recognize some occurrences as being extremely close to the truth.

Dolores Jay of Ohio (USA) unexpectedly remembered a past life after taking a hypnotherapy course.

On the night of April 21, 1970, her husband heard her talking in her sleep in a foreign language. As they discovered later, it was about the German language.

Dolores claims that in her past life she was Gretchen Gottlib, the daughter of the head of an association of doctors in a German city, and she was killed. About this amazing and unexpected discovery of a deep memory, Dolores Jay wrote in the book “Gretchen is Me”: “Gretchen is Me” is about the discovery of a deep memory Dolores had about Gretchen.

Young Mighiur found his apprentice in another life.
Another interesting incident about a memory of a past life that came to the surface is told by Alexandra David-Nill, an authoritative researcher in the scientific circles of studying Tibetan mysteries.

Mighiur, a resident of a Mongolian village on the border with Tibet, from early childhood was tormented by a feeling: he was not where he should have been. He saw landscapes in his dreams that did not exist in his village. Endless wastelands, tents made of straw, a large monastery on a hill… Even when he was awake, these images appeared to him.

When he was almost 14 years old, possessed by the burning desire to see his dreams come true, the boy left home. Since then, he has led a wandering life, working from time to time as a laborer. Most often, he wandered without a specific goal. At one point, an inn appeared in his path, where a caravan coming from afar had stopped to rest.
Led as if by a force external to him, Mighiur crossed the threshold of the inn and found himself face to face with an old Buddhist priest.

Suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning had pierced the black clouds, distant events came to his mind. He even met this priest when he was young; in his youth, the priest had been Mighiur’s student. He saw himself in the figure of an old priest. After this meeting, they both left on the same road and went home, returning from the long pilgrimage to the holy places of Tibet to the big monastery on the dream hill.

Mighiur told the priest about life at the monastery and gave him many details of their life there. The witnesses to this discussion were Alexandra David-Nill and the members of her expedition.

In Tibet, they believe in the transmigration of the soul from one body to another, just as one day follows another. The priest was completely persuaded by the boy’s testimony, and he cheerfully greeted his teacher, who had changed appearances.

Holotropic breath and the suicidal pirate
It would not be difficult to continue the list of such instances; they can be found in numerous books today, in the research of the American Jan Stevenson, and in numerous communities and centers that focus on past-life therapy.

It means that reincarnation, as understood by the peoples of the East, is a reality.

There is, however, another series of facts that show us that we should not rush to conclusions.

It is about the research that was started by the well-known psychologist Stanislav Grof. He is known as the father of psychotechnics, also known as holotropic breathing.

Man can enter a special state in which he sees and lives a past life by inhaling and expressing himself in a specific way.

From the beginning, Grof assumed that the reincarnation of souls was real. The patients’ testimonies were confirmed by historical data and often by linguistic expertise. Many of those subjected to the experiment told about events that did not take place in the present in such a language that they had no way of knowing in this life. This fact has been very well determined.

However, some facts also appeared that caused some traces of doubt. A visionary who practiced Grof’s method told how, in the Middle Ages, he was a merchant, the owner of a commercial ship, and that he sailed on the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel was captured and looted by pirates, and the merchant was killed.

The testimonies about the ship’s cargo, goods, commercial maritime routes, and many other details corresponded with data from historical archives.

The next holotropic immersion had an unexpected result.
The visionary remembered another past life. And this time his activity was related to the sea, but in a completely different way: he was a pirate. Following a thorough examination of the information obtained, it was discovered that this pirate looted, sank, and hanged the same merchant captain.

This means that in one of his previous lives, he was his own murderer. What is amazing is that the story of the visionary is confirmed this time by the data from the archives.

There are a limited number of souls.
The reincarnation paradox exposed above is not the only case of this kind. The analysis of some vision data showed that, for example, a man who in a previous life was a woman, during a new holotropic breathing session, turned out to be the husband of the same woman, which means that he was married to himself.

In his book Center of the Cyclone, esoteric John Lilly, whose practice is very similar to Grof’s method, writes about an absolutely paradoxical experience.

Here’s what he writes: “My stomach was full and swollen, like in the case of pregnancy.” I was becoming my own mother, who carried me in her womb, in my own womb. Suddenly, I realized that I was preparing to give birth to myself.

Such information, it goes without saying, could not be taken seriously by psychologists and psychiatrists. The usual logic of thinking prevents us from believing in such a paradox.

The professionals’ conclusion was the following: either this man is not normal (suffering from schizophrenia or split personalities) or there are errors in the research method used that led to the emergence of such information.

Hindu reincarnation studies cannot explain an individual’s existence in multiple bodies at the same time.

The Eastern tradition about the reincarnation of souls states the following: there are a certain number of reincarnation corridors that lead from the past to the future.

There are also a limited number of souls who walk these corridors at the same time in all ages, incarnating in different people.

The prophets who lived in the future
The idea of a unique way of reincarnation is very widespread and is the basis of most theories about this phenomenon.

There is no way to escape the paradoxes of a double or parallel incarnation, which we talked about above. These must be explained.

The concept of successive incarnations of the soul is important not only in Eastern studies but in all old esoteric teachings.
To our surprise, if we examine the facts from the beginning, we will discover that the ancients believed that reincarnation could occur not only in the near future but also in the direction of the passage of time.

Ancient initiates who inherited knowledge from long-gone civilizations understood that a man who died could begin a new life in the distant past or the future.

Thus, someone can be born today whose previous life took place in a time that humanity has not yet reached.

If these people discover their deep memories, they will become prophets. This goes without saying, because they have memories from the future.
However, all this is difficult to verify. In relation to the point of view of a unique way of reincarnation, even more incomprehensible things are happening.

The soul of a deceased person can be embodied in a new body at the very moment this person was born.

Incarnation (reincarnation) can take place at any time, not only in the future.

As a result, we can assume that the soul of the merchant who was hanged by the pirate chose the body of a newborn who later became a pirate.
Many reincarnation theories confirm such a choice, stating that the human soul, especially if its life has been unsuccessful, tends to start a new life in the same space as if it were to repeat everything from the beginning, hoping that this time everything will be better. As a result, when the merchant died, his soul returned to the past and became embodied in the pirate’s body.

This is how Grof’s paradox is explained, along with the enigma of the man who was married to himself and other similar cases.

A soul can find itself in different bodies. There is no contradiction in this fact; it contains the secret of reincarnation, which is currently hidden from us.

But who allows the human soul or the higher force by which it is driven to move back and forth on the scale of time?

All the miracles of reincarnation that I talked about happened because time is closed in a circle.

As a result, there are no parallel corridors of reincarnation, but rather a circle in which everything revolves.

This explanation of the nature of time does not contradict the views of modern physicists, who, in fact, support such theories.

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