What Is The Prototype Of The First Earth?

It is commented that somewhere in the Universe or maybe outside of it there is a Planetary Matrix that produces duplicates that resemble the original model.


This Matrix contains the prime model of the prototype planet which houses, according to the symbiosis between the energies and forms of the environment, the model of the humanoid being as a primordial genetic variant of unlimited serial multiplication.

Thus we can go with the idea of the initial prototype of the Prime Earth, so named because it housed the most balanced symbiosis between the first humanoid beings and the plant and animal kingdom. This First Earth exists even at present in a quiet area of ​​the Milky Way, being much larger than our Earth, having together all the species of plants and animals that exist, and which were then spread by category, on the other Earths that were created in the Milky Way.

In other words, on our Earth, there are the animals we know, but on other Earths there are other animals and likewise, on each of the Earths there are animals and plants that do not resemble those on the others.

About the Prime Earth, it can be said that it is more than 10 billion years old, and represented the cosmic abode of Genesis, what is written in our Bible being only a memory almost forgotten by the time of that place. From there the first people were driven out, due to some mistakes made by disobedience to their Fathers who created them.

It is a very interesting hypothesis that is embraced by many followers.

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