UFOs That Deactivated A Soviet Submarine In 1984

Scientists have long come up with the idea that aliens live underwater, and they lived there even before humans existed.

Image by Andreas Riedelmeier from Pixabay

There have been numerous reports of strange flying objects descending into the depths of water and hiding in the vastness of the oceans and seas. These flying objects are also seen pulling bodies and objects in and on the water directly into the sky. Thus, the subject of underwater USOs is not new in the world of ufology.

Here is an account by Alexei Korzhev, a submarine commander who claims to have had many encounters with mysterious things underwater. He recently recounted an episode in 1984 in which his submarine encountered what he believed to be a USO. It is important to point out that he is not the only person who has broken his silence and communicated to the general public about the various encounters with USOs under the sea.

These underwater USOs are known as Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). Because it was engaged in war, the submarine followed a certain specific route. Even though there shouldn’t have been any submarines in that area, the radar showed that there were two unexplained objects in that area. The two enigmatic objects then moved at such high speeds that their movement far exceeded the maximum speed at which submarines are allowed to go.

Sensing this threat, the alarm was raised quickly drawing the attention of the crew members to the objects. According to the radar, the underwater USOs were traveling at an astonishing speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour (186,411 miles). Even so, they were changing direction quickly, not bothering to slow down. The crew members were amazed as the USOs did things their eyes couldn’t believe.

The USOs were in the upper water layers one minute and deeper in the lower water layers the next minute. To get a better look at the strange escort, Alex decided to go up to the surface. Now the submarine was above water. The captain, along with two officers, got out of the submarine and was now sitting on the deck.

They were trying to figure out what these USOs were, and their origins and intentions. While they were just deciding what to do next, the next moment something happened that shook them. The enigmatic aircraft emerged vertically from the water. The object was not huge and did not exceed 5 meters. All the officers sitting on the Tabuchi could not remember all the details of the USO as it was flying in front of them at a very high speed.

Considering all the facts, the commander concluded that the craft they encountered just now was of alien origin and not a spy craft of any other country. Then the USO started emitting a greenish light, coming from all directions. The captain ordered the crew to immediately take refuge in the submarine and begin diving into the ocean as quickly as possible.

The USO quickly descended into the water again and aimed one of its beams at the submarine as it tracked the submarine. The green light was now aimed at the submarine and entered the submarine. The green beam of light mysteriously turned all of the submarine’s equipment. Every member on board heard a noise that sounded like a cutter being used.

Crew members claimed that the USO was trying to destroy the submarine by sinking it. During the entire event, the members on board were terrified and for them, it was an experience of a lifetime that they did not want to experience again. Alexey Korzhev openly admits that he did not know what to do in that particular situation. He also said that he was also scared because all the equipment in the submarine was turned off at a terrifying depth of 160 meters.

But it all seemed to be a warning as the equipment started working again after a few minutes and the USO descended toward the ocean floor at breakneck speed. Alex claimed that the strange OSN was an alien vessel trying to scan the technology and equipment used in the submarine.

Sightings of USOs (unidentified submerged objects) have long been researched, and their nature has been variously speculated as imaginary, mechanical, secret government, or extraterrestrial. There are too many coincidences with other cases for it all to be the product of the vivid imagination of a former submarine captain.

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