The Woman Who Gave Birth To 48 Alien Children

There are tons of alien encounter cases floating around the web, but this encounter of a 24-year-old Australian woman is sure to give you the chills.

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Recently, Megan Liker made headlines by claiming that aliens used her to produce alien babies. She revealed that she was pregnant about 50 times and gave birth to 48 alien children.

In May 2001, Megan Liker wed Andrew Mayer, a friend from college. Their marriage was going very well, so they decided to have a child, but despite the couple’s best efforts, Liker was unable to conceive. So the couple went to the doctors, who asked Liker for more medical tests. The test reports that came out were shocking to both the doctors and the couple.

It stated that Liker had the body of an extremely old woman and her reproductive organs were unable to function properly as they were deformed from multiple pregnancies. According to the report, her uterus was as old as that of a 60-year-old woman. These reports stunned the couple, but Liker was confident that she had never gotten pregnant in her life.

The couple was confused and didn’t know what to do next. Then a possible way out of this unusual circumstance was suggested by one of the doctors checking his case. He stated that she could get all her questions answered through several sessions of regressive hypnosis. It was the only option to shed light on Ms. Liker’s history.

Under the influence of hypnosis, Megan Liker surprised doctors with a remarkable account of her life. She said that she had spotted a UFO hovering over her while going through a municipal park. She tried to run away from the UFO after getting too close but suddenly felt herself being lifted by a beam of light from inside the craft. Afterward, she felt dizzy and eventually passed out.

She later regained consciousness. She was in total silence and pitch black, which made her very scared. She screamed and shouted for help, but no one came to her aid. Using her sense of touch, Megan Liker realized she was in a small room with perfectly smooth walls and floor. A beam of light lit up the room and Megan saw the shadows of people for the first time in a while.

The shadows were of two small alien creatures who asked him to stand up. The creatures were unusually little, standing no higher than Megan’s shoulders.

He quickly understood that they weren’t people within a brief period of time.

They were unusual creatures, with enormous heads and slender arms and legs. They had enormous dark eyes and stared listlessly at the girl. She was then brought into a room that appeared to be an operating room. From Liker’s account, it was understood that they were gray aliens.

After what appeared to be a preliminary medical check, the two grays placed her in a room that had clear walls, floor, and ceiling. There were other abductees located directly to her right and left, as well as below and above her. All the abductees were wearing the same clothes.

Finally, Megan was able to make contact with a young and attractive woman of about 25 who was placed next to her. She was named Kelly Beit. The two young women can now talk to each other using a variety of hand gestures and facial expressions: “They need us to have children.”

Megan quickly understood what her neighbor was trying to say. After about two weeks, her womb began to expand, and after a little more than a few months, Megan gave birth to her first alien child. During the birthing process, there were several different grays that stood and examined Liker as she writhed before them.

As soon as the child was born, it was immediately removed from its mother. But Megan managed to catch a glimpse of her baby, which made her sick to her stomach. Megan Liker claims that hybrid babies look quite similar to human newborns, except that their eyes are much larger. After some time had passed, the “operating room examination” was performed again, and then another task followed, and then another, and another.

The pregnancy process continued. According to Megan, gestation periods for hybrid offspring are significantly shorter compared to human babies. Human-alien hybrid babies only took four months to emerge from their mother’s womb, while human babies take about nine months. She reported being detained at the lunar base, where she saw pyramidal structures.

One structure was used to house the ladies while another was used as a maternity ward for newborns. In Megan’s case, this all happened over about four years. She gave birth to about 48 kids at that time. After that, she became infertile and was no longer of interest to aliens. Therefore, she was brought back to earth and all her memories of the alien abduction were erased.

Now new memories have taken the place of the ones of giving birth to alien kids every month. He was reminded that Megan Liker served in the military under contract for four years, but the Australian Ministry of Defense stated that they never had a contract with her, and thought that Megan Liker must be insane. Ufologists are sure that the memories of military duty were only implanted in the girl’s mind to deceive others about the incubator.

However, this raises the question of what kind of incubator exists on the moon, and why are the “greys” breeding like a vast army of aliens. Is it possible that a new alien race is preparing to conquer the world? There are questions on which we can only speculate…

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