The Unusual Teleportation Case Of The Pansini Brothers

It was 1901 in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy. Mr. Mauro Pansini, a construction contractor, and his family move into a larger house near a town hall and begin to be victims of strange paranormal phenomena.

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Objects moving, being thrown out of the house, breaking, all these Poltergeist clues.
7-year-old Alfredo Pansini begins to go into trances, speaks other languages, has visions, and then the father decides to send him to a seminary in a church. For 3 years the phenomenon stops and he returns home, after regaining his composure.

At the age of 10, Alfredo returns home and this time not only do those phenomena reappear, but it involves his 8-year-old younger brother Paolo. There began the episodes in which they disappeared from the initial place, then reappeared in nearby villages, several kilometers away in a few minutes, and the desperate father had to always travel to find them.

Once they traveled more than 30 km from their home to Malfatti, appearing before Father Vennetti in a monastery of Capuchin priests. In a few minutes, Mr. Vennetti called the surprised family, because no one knew how suddenly the children appeared there and that they were in a state of trance or hypnosis.

As soon as they got home, the father locked them in the room and when he checked the room a few minutes later, the children were gone even though the room was locked. At the same time, they knocked on the door of the uncle’s house who lived 15 km away. There is even a later account of a fisherman who suddenly saw the two young men appear in his boat a few kilometers out to sea near the port of Baletta in the Mediterranean area.

On another occasion, the parents called a Bishop of Bitonto to help them and the children disappeared from the room before the bishop’s stunned gaze. They say that these children were studied by various specialists who failed to explain the phenomenon, even Alfredo Pansini demonstrated other abilities, such as answering questions in a trance state by automatic writing, but all this is a matter to be discussed.

In fact, at the beginning of the last century, the first cars existed and exceeded 100 km per hour, which would explain the fact that children could travel so many kilometers, however, if someone took them, would not have frequently had these vehicles available. Also, the perception of time is relative, but this would not explain their dematerialization in front of witnesses.

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