Mysteries Of The Hudson Valley: Portals, Bigfoot, And Ghosts

For decades, this place has been one of the most saturated areas of the United States in terms of paranormal phenomena.

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The Hudson Valley is located in upstate New York and includes both banks of the Hudson River.
During the period 1980–1985, UFO sightings were extremely frequent in the Hudson Valley. Most of the strange objects flew near private residences or over the highway and almost always at a very low altitude.

It got to the point where local drivers became so used to UFOs that when the next object appeared, they simply pulled over to the side of the road, stood in the crowd, and enjoyed the unusual spectacle, chatting amongst themselves.

Many of the UFOs were triangular, which is why some researchers believe that it was not aliens, but secret US military aircraft, that were flying over the Hudson Valley.

In the early 1990s, something strange began to happen in the woods near the small town of Pine Bush. Most often reported here were bizarre animals or strange creatures that could disappear instantly. When there were a lot of such messages, ufologists, cryptozoologists and other researchers of paranormal phenomena began to come to the forest one after another. They found nothing clear here, but agreed that “the place is very strange.”


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Some have suggested that there are portals to other worlds or dimensions, from which animals and mysterious creatures appear. Then reports began to appear about UFOs and people being abducted here. Abductions of people at one point became even more mysterious than stories about strange animals. Strange sightings in the area continue today but of much less intensity.

The horrific incidents took place in October 1972 at Scott Military Barracks in West Point, one of the most famous military academies in the United States. This event was officially documented in one of the base’s internal newsletters.

Several young cadets began to notice strange things happening to them. For example, right before our eyes, a bathrobe was pulled from its hook and thrown to the side, and in another case, a roll of toilet paper was unrolled by itself. And when another cadet was in the shower, the hot water handle turned itself into ice water, then switched to the very hot position. At first, they thought someone was playing with the cadets like that, but then events took a much more serious turn.

One evening, one of the cadets — Jim O’Connor — was leaving the shower room, where strange events had already occurred earlier. When he turned his head, he saw a strange man nearby, holding a 19th-century musket and dressed in period clothing. At the same time, his eyes were shining bright. After a few moments, the figure disappeared, as if it had evaporated into thin air.

As the intensity of such events increased, senior officers in the barracks began to take them more seriously. So much so that they asked for a volunteer to spend the night in 4714’s most active room while they monitored what was going on there.

Until two in the morning everything was calm, but at two o’clock something woke him and when he opened his eyes, he saw next to him, probably the same mysterious figure in 19th-century clothes. At the same time, for some reason, it was very difficult for him to breathe, as if an invisible slab of concrete had fallen on him. When onlookers ran into the room to help him, the ghost moved away and disappeared through the wall. Eventually, this barracks room was closed for good, and the case remains unsolved to this day.

The so-called Whangtown Stone Chambers are ancient Native American stone structures of a supposedly ritual nature, dating back approximately 3,500 years, and located in Wang Hollow Valley in the town of Putnam. These structures are located in special places and, according to the official version, represent an astronomical calendar. Unofficially, many call them portals and assure that something supernatural happens inside these stone “chambers”.

Many of those explorers who went inside said they experienced unusual things. Some heard flute-like music, others saw strange images, red eyes glowing in the dark, and even a mysterious cloaked figure.
Perhaps one of the strangest incidents was when a person who entered this “portal” was prevented from leaving it by an invisible force field. Not only was he unable to pass through this strange shield for a long time, but he was also physically knocked to the ground by it. Finally, the strange power disappeared and escaped from the mysterious stone fence.


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In the Hudson Valley, at least a dozen Bigfoot encounters have been reported. And they’re all fairly new, from the mid-1980s. Nothing like this has been seen here before. Local ufologists directly link the local yetis to the massive UFO sightings of the early 1980s. It is believed that either alien brought the yetis here, or yetis that suddenly appeared here with the same aliens who flew a UFO here.

Today, the Hudson Valley Yeti Explorers is a local organization that documents all new Bigfoot sightings.


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Forest Park Cemetery (aka Pinewoods) is one of those places in the Hudson Valley that is recommended for all ghost lovers to visit. Considered by locals to be “the most haunted cemetery in New York” and boasts many ghost stories.

The most popular is a female hitchhiker, who appears on the side of the road that passes the cemetery. According to legend, an unsuspecting driver sees a young lady walking on the side of the road, asking for a ride. Then the driver usually agrees and opens the door for the girl to enter. After the girl gets into the car, when the car passes the cemetery, the mysterious girl simply evaporates into thin air. Some reports even say that a driver noticed that the girl had hooves at the end of her legs before she disappeared.
The cemetery is also regularly spotted with shadowy figures, floating orbs, lights, the sounds of babies crying, and other standard haunted cemetery noises and images.

In the early 1990s, a certain Helen Ackley sold her beautiful three-story mansion to a certain family, but they recently sued her, saying they were not warned that the house was full of ghosts. Ackley was forced to admit that yes, the house was indeed haunted, there was the poltergeist thing, really creepy. And she tried to tell society about it in the 1970s. She constantly heard invisible footsteps in this house, her things disappeared somewhere, moving by themselves, and some decorations in the house appeared out of nowhere.

Ackley lost the case, but the incident meant that US home sellers are now required to notify buyers of any paranormal activity. And Ackley’s house remains unsold.
Other haunted houses in the Hudson Valley include the Shanley Hotel. There is the sound of the footsteps of invisible people walking around the house and going up or down the stairs. People have also reported being pushed by an invisible hand. Some witnesses have reported seeing rocking chairs in some rooms rocking by themselves as if someone was sitting in them.

Another hotel, Smalley’s Inn, was notorious for having a suspiciously high number of child deaths, including children who often died there during childbirth. Along with the standard paranormal activity (ghostly figures, invisible footsteps, poltergeists, etc.), this suggests very evil ghosts. The hotel lasted until 2020, after which it closed because it no longer had customers.

Locals believe it all started in the early 1980s when an ouija board was used in one of the hotel rooms. Shortly thereafter, the devilry allegedly began in the hotel rooms. However, even before a hotel was built on the site in 1852, at least one execution took place here, as well as a large fire with casualties.

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