Legends Of Texas Monsters: Houston Batman (Mothman)

Among the many unusual monsters that populate Texas folklore and lore, the Houston Batman stands out as one of the strangest.

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This cryptid bears a striking resemblance to the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The most credible and real encounter with this beast took place early in the morning on June 18, 1953.

Homemaker Hilda Walker, 23, sat on the porch of her home at 118 East Third Street in Houston, accompanied by her neighbors Judy Meyer, 14, and tool factory inspector Howard Phillips, 33 years old. The weather that night was too hot to sleep, so they sat there trying to get through the night.

Housewife Hilda Walker stated: “Twenty-five meters away I saw a huge shadow across the lawn. At first, I thought it was the magnified reflection of a large moth caught in a nearby street light. Then the shadow seemed to jump up into a pecan tree. We all looked up. That’s when I saw her.”

She also said of the creature that it had a humanoid appearance but had bat-like wings, wore a tight black suit, and floated in a cloud of light. All three witnesses claimed that the strange creature had a bright yellow glow around him and stood 2 meters tall. Batman disappeared as the light gradually faded, Meyer, let out a piercing scream.

“Immediately after that, I heard a loud noise over the roofs of the houses across the street. It was like the white flash of a torpedo-shaped object… I have heard so much about the flying saucer stories and I thought all those people telling the stories were crazy, but now I don’t know what to believe. I may be crazy, but I saw him, whatever it was… I stood there stunned, adds Hilda. I was amazed. I saw it and no one can say I didn’t see it.”

Howard stated, “I can’t believe it. I saw it too… we looked across the street and saw a flash of light rise from another tree and take off like a jet.”
The next morning, a horrified Hilda immediately went to the police station and reported the whole incident to the police.

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