Evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials (aliens)

Do you think we are alone in the Universe? Do you think that in the infinity of space and time other intelligent creatures have not evolved and lived?

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In the last 10 years, the testimonies about the appearance of UFOs have exploded: daily, all over the world, in the mass media, there is news about unidentified flying objects. One of the most conservative institutions on Earth, the Catholic Church, even admits the possibility of aliens. And the secret Service has started to declassify UFO files older than 1950.

Do you think something is being prepared for us?
In December 2007, the Minister of Defense from Japan, Ishiba Shigeru, made a surprising statement to the public about the possibility of an attack by extraterrestrial forces on Earth.

The news quickly spread around the world, perhaps because it was accompanied by an equally surprising confirmation from the chief of staff Nobutaka Machimura, former foreign minister in the previous Abe government. Minister Ishiba declares, no more and no less, that there is no reason to later deny that UFOs exist and that they are controlled by another form of life, specifying that he set out to verify if the Japanese army can face an alien attack, because “even in the Godzilla movies, it’s the Japanese troops that go into action”.

The tone of the intervention stunned the public, not only because of the reference to Godzilla but also because of the seriousness with which the minister seemed to approach the risk of an alien invasion. In reality, far from being an acknowledgment of the existence of extraterrestrial creatures, as many so-called experts in “ufology” claimed at the time, the Japanese minister’s statement had political reasons, namely the strengthening of Japan’s military role on the chessboard International. In fact, in the same intervention, Ishiba states that he does not understand the reason why there is no directive in Japanese legislation for the possibility of an alien invasion.

Beyond this example of using the general public’s fear of the unknown in a political-nationalist key, up to now a million proofs (more or less indirect) of the existence of UFOs and aliens have been surpassed: testimonies, photographs, footage, and documents. Practically, some say, more jokingly, more seriously, there is more evidence related to the existence of extraterrestrials than evidence of the existence of each of us individually.

All over the world, artificial objects and fingerprints dating back to eras when man did not exist on Earth are continuously discovered, arguing that they must have been abandoned by the aliens passing through there for one reason or another. The authenticity of this type of relic is considered doubtful.

In 1974, in Romania, 2 km from Aiud, a group of workers on the banks of the Mures river came across 3 objects buried in the sand, in a pit about 10 meters deep. Two of these relics turned out to be mastodon bones, several million years old, dating from a period between the Miocene (20 thousand years ago) and the Middle Pleistocene (about 1 thousand years ago); instead, the third object turned out to be a block of metal, very similar to the upper part of a large hammer.

This object was sent for expertise to the Institute of Archeology in Cluj-Napoca, and the analysis showed that it is an artificial object composed of an alloy of 12 different elements, aluminum being present in the largest quantity (89%).


Later, all types of analyzes carried out on the object in question supported its artificial and ancient nature, otherwise quite obvious from the external appearance and the aluminum alloy of which it is made. Aluminum is not found free but combined with certain minerals, and it was only 1,000 years ago that the necessary technique for its processing was developed.

Taking into account the analysis of all the particularities of the object, the researchers considered that this “delict body” would be a kind of landing device of a small flying vehicle, such as the lunar modules or the Viking probe. In support of this theory, the shape of the object, the oval cavities, the scratches on the bottom and corners, as well as the composition of the material, i.e. light aluminum, would have come. In the last instance, the object was described as the sole of a mechanical landing leg of a flying object.

Certainly, it was said, this metal leg belongs to one of the many alien spaceships that have visited and operated on our planet since ancient times, being only one of the many complex artificial objects discovered up to now.

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages

– All over the world there are prehistoric drawings where our ancestors, among other things, depict spaceships and extraterrestrial beings with signs that correspond perfectly to those existing in modern UFO studies.

– In the south of France cave paintings dating back 15,000 years, which depict flying discs of various types.

– Ancient evolved peoples such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans meticulously recorded all the events that occurred, including signals of some spaceships usually with a spherical or disc shape, described as columns of fire, luminous clouds, spheres in flames, which flew over and they were maneuvering above the ancient fortresses. In the writings of many famous historians of Antiquity, there are reports of such appearances.

An Egyptian text mentions a sparkling tubular spaceship, like a large snake, which landed along the side of a mountain.

The hieroglyphs in the Temple of Seti I, Abydos, were misinterpreted as depicting helicopters. Wikimedia

Ramses II used in the war a weapon that would have been given to him by the god Amon, with which he exterminated thousands of enemies by himself and without any protection.

In 329 BC, Alexander the Great’s army was “attacked” by two flying silver shields, which surprised the Greek army while crossing the Jaxartes River, in India

– Homer also talks about flying cars.

— During the Roman Empire, UFOs were often seen in the air, but also landing and taking off, being classified mainly as fire shields, smoking torches, and golden globes.

– The Latin historian Titus Livius, in his “Storia di Roma”, presents the testimonies of objects in the form of circular shields flying in the sky and which would have been seen above many cities of the Empire. He adds that the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilio, witnessed the fall from the sky of one of these “flying shields”, and that he included it among the cult objects of the religious practices he preached.

– The chronicler Carcopino tells that in July, after the assassination of Caesar, for 7 days in a row, before sunset, a luminous UFO could be seen above Rome, moving towards the north.

– Similar signs exist in the works of Plutarch, Valerio Massimo, Seneca, Aeschylus, and others.

— In his treatise on Natural Sciences, Seneca tells, with luxurious detail, about the inexplicable “light beams” that appeared unexpectedly in the air of ancient cities. The “Barnes” remained motionless for days on end, only to disappear as suddenly as they had appeared.

– The Dead Sea manuscripts dating from the 1st century BC, talk about people who arrived on Earth from heaven and about others who were taken from Earth and taken to heaven.

KU Today — The University of Kansas

– In the times of Charlemagne, events are described from which it appears that spaceships would have taken some inhabitants on board to show them how the people of heaven live.

– In the 9th century, the Archbishop of Lyon received numerous complaints from the parishioners that the region was invaded by “heavenly sailors” who landed from the clouds and devastated fruit trees, vineyards, and grain fields.

– In the incunabula Liber Chronicorum (Nuremberg Chronicle) there is one of the first graphic representations of a UFO in Europe. The author, Hartmann Schedel, describes a sphere of fire, seen in 1034, darting through the air in a straight line from south to east, and then heading toward the sun. The illustration that accompanies the story shows a body in the shape of a cigar, surrounded by flames, advancing on a blue sky, above the green hills.

– During the Sung Dynasty, 960–1127 AD, a scholar named Shen Kuo tells in his work about an object “shining like a pearl”, which moved “as if it were flying” on the surface of a lake near Yangzhou. According to Shen Kuo, the mysterious object was seen very frequently: from a distance, it appeared to be the size of a fist and emanated “a silvery light that illuminated the surroundings for a distance of about 5 km”. He also states that the flying object sometimes seemed to enlarge and open into 2 hemispheres; and that his periodic appearances would have occurred for about 20 years.

Starting from 1300, UFO “appearances” began to be reproduced in paintings.

– In 1338, an enormous spherical UFO was seen in France. The image of the event is presented in the book “Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs” by Jacques Legrand.

– In 1350, a crucifixion scene was painted above the altar of the Visoki Decani monastery in Kosovo. To the right and the left of the cross, flying saucers can be seen in the sky, with people piloting them inside.

— In 1492, Christopher Columbus saw a “branch of fire” falling from the sky. In his diaries, he mentions on several occasions the appearance of unusual astronomical phenomena and the passage of fire in the sky.

The Renaissance and the 17th century

– In 1600, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Inquisition because he dared to say that there are other inhabited worlds, following the detection of flying vehicles piloted by obviously extraterrestrial beings.

– Different types of UFOs also appear in Renaissance paintings, integrated to a large extent in works with religious subjects because it was believed that UFOs were divine manifestations.

– In 1544, an important ufological event took place, recorded in a collection at the Central Library in Zurich. “In the year 1544, signs were seen on the Sun and the Moon; that’s why people started to be afraid, fearing that God could punish the Earth for their sins”. The appearance of the unusual signs was preceded by an earthquake.

– In a medieval chronicle, it is told that in 1561, on April 14, at sunrise, several groups of unidentified flying objects, with cylindrical shapes, appeared in Germany, in the sky of Nuremberg, and began to fight between them. The event resonated all over the world.

XVIII and XIX century

In the 18th century, the appearance of extraterrestrial spaceships that make maneuvers in the air and are generally called flying ships is unleashed.

– In March 1716, the astronomer Edmund Halley detects a series of enigmatic flying vehicles, one of which is said to have lit up the sky “a Giorno” for two hours with such intensity that Halley could read by its light.

Modern-day aliens

In 2009, mystery fans went into a frenzy when Barack Obama promised to tell America about UFOs, announcing that he was going to declassify top-secret government files on flying saucers and secret encounters with extraterrestrials, to put an end once and for all. always, the long history of suspicions, indiscretions, insinuations, and fantasies, more or less founded, on the subject of their existence. Nevertheless, Obama’s deposit is still waiting.

It can be said that people’s endless obsession with UFOs officially began in June 1947, after American pilot Kenneth Arnold recounted his third-degree encounter with nine unidentified flying objects that allegedly took off near Rainier, in Washington state.

Then, just a few days later, it was the turn of the accident at Roswell, in New Mexico, where the supposed wreckage of a flying “saucer” was found, with pilots on board, immediately “extracted” and transported to a place of maximum safety. It was about the famous Area 51, a secret base located in the middle of the Nevada desert, used for experimenting with new aeronautical technologies.

The leaders of the American Military Aviation hastened to clarify both episodes: the UFOs on Mount Rainier would have been in reality prototypes of “flying tail” airplanes, tested in the respective area, and as for the alleged aliens from Roswell, these they would have been just some simple mannequins used in high-altitude parachute launches. And yet, despite (or precisely because of!) the official denials, the assumptions about extraterrestrials have not stopped.

A series of “favorable” circumstances, the influence of the mass media, and even of scientific progress, all led to the explosion and spread of genuine anger, from the United States to the whole world.

The occurrences of unidentified flying objects multiplied exponentially, fueling a debate in which, over time, physicists (interested in bringing the phenomenon back to the forefront of science), astronomers, and even a psychoanalyst of Carl Jung’s stature got involved. author of a theory that presents UFOs as “archetypes of the psyche”, projections, and objectification of an unconscious repressed by the rational certainties of science and technology.

This is how “ufology” appeared, a science, or rather a pseudo-science, which aims to classify UFO phenomena and explain their causes; a suite of fanciful hypotheses and more rigorous positions, always “just” one step away from finding the decisive argument and proving the existence of extraterrestrials and their presence on Earth.

I did not set out to convince you of the existence or non-existence of UFOs, but only to inform you: the “Discover aliens among us” marathon challenges you to think freely, to leave your prejudices aside, and to formulate your opinion about the possible existence of extraterrestrials, in the knowledge of the cause.

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