Gopal Gupta’s Proven Reincarnation Case

Birth and death are two inevitable elements of human life or any other entity living on Earth.

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However, several mysterious cases of reincarnation have been revealed over time, such as the case of the Pollock Twins, the case of Shanti Devi, and the reincarnation of Omm Seti. One such case that has been verified and found to be credible is the reincarnation of Gopal Gupta.

The incredible rebirth of Gopal Gupta, who in his previous life claimed to be Shaktipal Sharma is one such case that has attracted a lot of attention. Professor Ian Stevenson, who is a pioneer in the study of reincarnation, analyzed the mysterious case and confirmed its authenticity.

Gopal Gupta, who was born in Delhi on August 26, 1956, to Mr. S.P. and Mrs. Omavati Gupta, was just an ordinary child of his age and showed no abnormal symptoms at that time. However, one day Gopal said something that not only surprised his entire family but also confused them.

The Gupta family had some guests invited to their place, and the guest was offered water, which is common in India. When the guests finished drinking water, Gopal was asked to remove the glasses from the table. To which, he replied fiercely: “I won’t pick it up.” I am a Sharma!” exclaimed young Gopal.

The Hindu population of India is divided into four different categories and Brahmins are at the top of that hierarchy which includes surnames like Sharma, Bhardwaj, Pandey, etc., on the other hand, the Gupta surname falls under the third category is Vaishyas. In the past, Brahmins were prohibited from engaging in tasks that were believed to be of lower status, such as serving food, cleaning utensils, etc.

This was the moment that shocked the entire Gupta family and Gopal claimed to be Shaktipal Sharma from the state of Uttar Pradesh. He stated about his home that it is actually in Mathura, which is believed to be a divine city in India, as the city served as the home for many years of Lord Krishna. Gopal also said that in his previous life he had a medicine shop in Mathura called ‘Sukh Sancharak’.

Mr. S.P. Gupta, hearing Gopal’s unusual statements, decided to investigate the facts with the help of his friends. Mr. Gupta was informed by one of his acquaintances that there was a company called “Sukh Sancharak” in Mathura. Mr. Gupta traveled to Mathura and contacted the manager of ‘Sukh Sancharak’ to verify the information provided by Gopal.

The firm’s manager was intrigued by the similarities between Gopal’s statements and Shaktipal Sharma’s life. Management admitted that Shaktipal was a former employee who was shot dead in 1948 by his younger brother. Shaktipal was married to Subhadra and was a notable figure in Mathura. In addition, he was elected Chairman of the Mathura Municipal Council, a post equivalent to that of the mayor.

The company “Sukh Sancharak” was founded by Shaktipal’s father. After his father’s death, Shaktipal and his younger brother operated the shop. Brijendrapal, the youngest brother, was not actively involved in the family business.

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Brijendrapal, who was in debt, once asked Sahaktipal’s wife Subhadra Devi to lend him 5,000 rupees as women were responsible for the household finances at the time when Subhadra refused. Brijendrapal then sought financial help from his brother Shaktipal. Shaktipal then asked his wife for the money, but she refused. Shaktipal and his wife quarreled over this issue.

Brijendrapal, upset at not getting the money, went to the company headquarters and started an argument with his brothers. Enraged, he pulled out a gun and shot Shaktipal in the chest. Thus, at the age of 25, Shaktipal was tragically killed by his brother! After eight years of Shaktipal Sharma’s death, he was reborn as Gopal Gupta.

Subhadra Devi and her sister-in-law (Shaktipal’s sister) visited Delhi to see the Gupta family, at that time Gopal was about eight years old. Although Gopal was delighted to meet his sister, he refused to communicate with Subhadra and did not even acknowledge her presence.

Before Subhadra’s visit, Gopal had never told his parents that he had a wife. After Subhadra and her sister-in-law left, his father asked if Subhadra was his wife, to which he replied, “I don’t have a wife.”

A few days later, his father inquired about him again, and Gopal revealed that Subhadra was his companion in a previous life. His father asked, perplexed, why he hadn’t answered that question before. This prompted Gopal to reply, “I am angry.” Gopal stated that he was angry with his wife because she refused to give him Rs. 5,000 which he had demanded from Brijendrapal in his previous incarnation.

In March 1965, when Gopal was nine years old, he was taken to Mathura by his parents for the first time in his present life. They intended to visit Sukh Sancharak’s office first. Mr. S. P. Gupta, who already knew the way to the office, asked Gopal to let him go.

To the amazement of his parents, Gopal reached the office easily and without any confusion. Gopal accurately identified the room that had served as his office in his previous life. He also managed to properly imitate the incident of the killing of the officer by his brother Brijendrapal.

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