The Woman Who Lived 210 Years On Venus And Arrived On Earth In The '50s

There have been accounts of various personalities who once lived on Venus and were brought to earth. Nikola Tesla, Valiant Thor, Ralph Lael, and Elizabeth Klarer are all believed to be former inhabitants of Venus.

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According to scientists, Venus was once habitable with life, similar to Earth. Scientists also warn us that if we do not take care of global warming and other phenomena, then the Earth too will become uninhabitable one day.

This article is about Omnec Onec, a woman who claims to have been born on Venus and later landed on Earth in a spaceship. In 1991, Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, a UFO researcher, published Omnec’s autobiography, From Venus, I Came. According to the book, it is written that Omnec lived in Teutonia, a city on Venus, for 210 years before traveling to Earth with her uncle aboard a spaceship.

Here on earth, she took the form of a girl who had unfortunately died in a bus accident. The book was promoted by Billy Meier, a well-known alien contactee who claimed to have had frequent communications with the Pleiadians. Intriguingly, before coming to Earth, she had lived on the astral plane of Venus, which is a beautiful world with cities made of crystal. In his autobiography, Omnec writes that Venus was also a beautiful place like Earth, but the climate changed and Venus became uninhabitable for beings.

So, with the help of spiritual development, the Venusians ceased to exist in the astral plane. As described by Omnec, the astral plane is a lower-density dimension that cannot be physically seen or touched.

Omnic Onec explained the following: “Because I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information I gathered as a soul through many incarnations and times of life.” ” “I can keep this information intact, and what I teach people is actually what I know—not what I have read or heard but what I have experienced through many different life cycles on Earth and in other dimensions.”

She came to Earth as a spiritual leader to help humanity understand its spirituality, foster an environment of peace, and experience the divine it lacks. In 1951, she went on a trip to Tibet, where Buddhist monks helped her adapt her body to the earth’s gravity so that she could live there.

She later moved to Tennessee in the United States in 1955 and assumed the identity of Sheila Gipson, a seven-year-old girl who died in a bus accident. Additionally, she shared a karmic bond with Sheila. Sheila’s grandmother was responsible for Onec’s upbringing.

She revealed that since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, scientists from other planets had studied the Earth and its inhabitants, and from these scientists, she learned about the Earth.

“I collected some plants and tried to preserve them, and I had a ring, and they picked me up in a small craft, what we call research ships, and they transported me from the surface of Venus.” We have something like a dome over the city, which cannot be seen because of the gases covering it. You must know that the location of our ships has the ability to time travel from visions due to the vibratory control they have over magnetic waves, through which they create their gravitational force. My trip from Venus to Earth was in a huge, cigar-shaped mother ship, a trip that didn’t take very long, maybe 24 hours. I reached the surface of the Earth and prepared to board a smaller ship. “

Her name, Omnec Onec, means “spiritual relaxation.” She was a spiritual and religious person; she believed in reincarnation and Karma. She only agreed to visit Earth because of her faith. On earth, she led a healthy life until 2009, when half of her body was paralyzed due to a heart attack. She married a man and had four children. Moreover, she was also blessed with three grandchildren…

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