The Case Of The American Soldier Kidnapped By Aliens

In 2018, an article appeared about the story of a US army soldier and how he was abducted by aliens.

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

He also produced a video in which he tried to make a presentation, sketching on a board behind him what happened, events that led to the knowledge of three alien races. Unfortunately, the article does not mention the third race, which in the video is said to be “typical”.

Below you have this video, which unfortunately we cannot understand much.

The most aggressive race of the three he saw, according to the soldier, was the reptiloids. They are the real enemies of mankind. They have two legs, are more than two meters tall, and are very muscular.

According to the soldier, he was told that there was a great war between the grays and the reptiles and that the grays killed a lot of reptiles. After that, the reptilians decided to capture our planet, and it is assumed that a huge asteroid flying to Earth is their ship. The soldier then says that there has long been a secret cooperative program between the Earthlings and the Grays called the “Majestic 12” and that 12 Earthlings in the last 13 years have been sent to the gray planet. And that Steven Spielberg’s famous film “Third Degree Dating” was very close to the truth.

He visited the “grey” planet where he breathed ordinary air from their atmosphere, their planets and lands are similar to Earth but instead, they have two suns, a binary solar system.

All US presidents, including Barack Obama, are said to have been aware of the existence of aliens. When colleagues ask a soldier if Jesus Christ was an alien, he replies that he asked the gray aliens the same question and they replied that he was human.

However, he was also told that the DNA of all humans, including Jesus, had been changed by aliens 68 times since prehistoric times. When the video appeared on other sites, it was found out that it was posted on the network several years ago, but then very few people noticed it. However, despite the years that have passed, the soldier’s name is still unknown, nor is the exact year the video was recorded. Below you have this video, which unfortunately we cannot understand much.

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