A Woman’s Nightmare From Another Universe

What would you say if one day you woke up in a strange bed, that you have another job and that your lover no longer exists?

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

A woman named Lerina Garcia claims that this is exactly what happened to her, writes the Spanish website Espacios Ocultos.
What seemed to be an ordinary day — waking up in the morning in a bed — evolved into a series of terrifying shocks for a desperate woman, lost in a foreign world: our world.

Once Lerina got out of bed, she noticed that the socks and pajamas were strange because she didn’t recognize them at all. Although stunned by the strange discovery, she shrugged and began her usual morning routine. But Garcia, once he got out of bed, realized that he had entered another reality. Her past, her life, everything that is dearest to her…all these simply disappeared. For, delving into her daily routines on her first day in another universe, she notices small inconsistencies: things that were out of place, items that were missing, or that she didn’t buy.

The woman later wrote on the Internet, looking for someone to give her an explanation for the nightmare she woke up in: “One day I woke up and found that everything was different. There was nothing to do with time travel or anything like that. I simply woke up in the same year, same day, and the same bed, but things were different. They were not essential things, but small things, but for me, they were important enough to realize that everything is different.”

However, not all things were small. Although the car she had looked the same, and although she worked for the same company as 20 years ago, and in the same building, she was shocked to learn that she no longer worked in the department she thought she had been employed in for so long. Her office was now in a completely different department, located in another part of the building.

Let’s let her tell us a little: “Four months ago, I woke up on a normal morning. I was in the same rented house for 7 years; everything seemed the same, except for a few things, to which I did not attach much importance. I got in the car and went to work, which has been the same for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it was no longer mine. The names of the people who work there were written on the door, and mine was no longer written. I thought I had the wrong floor, but no…it was my floor. Then, I found out that I was working in another department and that I had a boss, a person I didn’t know at all. Everything in my bag was the same: credit cards, report cards, everything except I don’t know when I changed jobs.”

Scared, on the same day, the woman went to the doctor where she did a series of tests, including drug and alcohol tests… and everything came out normal. But the woman’s shocking experience did not end there. She found out that she didn’t even have a boyfriend!

“I broke up with my partner of 7 years for about 6 months. After we broke up, 4 months ago I started a relationship with a man from the neighborhood. I knew him very well: I knew his name, his address, his place of work, his son from another relationship, and what studies he had completed. Well, it seems that man no longer exists at all. We even hired a detective to find him, and it turns out that man never existed.”

And to make the shock even bigger, the woman found out that she never even broke up with her “former partner” of 7 years! When Mrs. Larina visited a psychiatrist, he told her that she only had hallucinations, blaming everything on stress. But the woman claims that she is not delirious: “I swear to you that I am telling you the truth and that I am a sane being. My family doesn’t remember things like my sister’s shoulder surgery a few months ago. She says she’s never had surgery.”

Yes, such things, like those regarding a different job or the disappearance of a lover, are gone forever, in another life in another universe. As if the woman lost her memory 5–6 months ago, and during this time she dreamed that she was living in another universe.

It would have been more logical for the woman not to have remembered certain things (there are other cases of memory loss). But how is it that the woman claims that she had a relationship with another man for 4 months? This is no longer a memory loss… Could Lerina, an extremely educated woman, simply be hallucinating? Does she suffer from a form of a rare disease in which she loses her orientation in space and time? Or maybe the woman simply jumped from one parallel universe to another?

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