Did The Nazis Land On The Moon In 1945?

After World War II, rumors circulated that German astronauts had traveled to the moon and set up a secret base there.

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Some have even speculated that Adolf Hitler staged his death, fled the planet, and lived out the rest of his days in an underground lunar hideout. Links have also been made between sightings of flying saucers — including the famous incident near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 — with the alleged Nazi UFO development program. These theories form the basis of the science fiction novel “Rocket Ship Galileo” published by Robert A. Heinlein in 1947.

According to several websites whose writers have failed miserably in their research, Romanian scientist “Radovan Tomovici”, who has studied conspiracy theories for decades, stated: “For over 70 years, it has been known that the Nazis had a research program overseen by Hans Kammler during the war to conquer and control orbital space.” “It appears that Kammler, who mysteriously disappeared (in Antarctica) shortly before the end of the war, and his team were successful.

Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorist bloggers did not realize that this fascinating information was produced to create marketing for the movie Iron Sky, scheduled for release in April 2012.

After decades of media ridicule and denial, the primary surviving documents and eyewitness accounts of a Nazi flying saucer program that existed and had some success have been revisited.

The Daily Mail asks: “Hitler’s secret flying saucer: Did the Führer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs?” while rival newspaper The Sun claims that the Nazi Reich made far more significant progress with advanced flying saucers than most military historians have acknowledged: “Close Encounters of the Third Reich”.

Some claim that after the end of the war, in May 1945, the Germans continued their space effort in their southern polar colony of Neuschwabenland (New Swabia).

Sir Roy Fedden (aeronautical engineer and head of the Technical Mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production) stated that the only craft that could approach the capabilities attributed to the flying saucers seen around the world in the late 1940s and early 1950s were those that were designed by the Germans towards the end of the war: “I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the Germans) had succeeded in prolonging the war a few months longer, we would have been faced with a set of developments completely new and deadly in aerial warfare”.

A mysterious structure near the Polish town of Nowa Ruba, located at the foot of the Owl Mountains, may be part of the Nazi flying saucer program.
Analyst Nick Cook states: It would be a mistake to ignore research in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s simply because it was done in the Third Reich. This kind of suppression of facts would be unscientific and would be just as bad as suppressing the facts that happened in that era.

Nick Cook is an aeronautics expert and respected adviser to the weekly Jane’s Defense magazine. He is also the editor of the air weapons section. His book, The Hunt for Zero Point, dealt with flying saucers, the Nazi disk program, and the intense American and British search for antigravity. His book was an international bestseller.

Nazi Moon enthusiasts claim that: Many of the so-called UFO cases of the 1950s and 1960s — including the famous flights over Washington, D.C. in July 1952 — were warnings by the Nazi S. S. They flaunted their superiority over Allied aeronautical prowess.

The Nazis maintained a complex of huge underground factory cities far from the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic ice, not far from US and Norwegian bases.

The well-organized remains of a top-tier Waffen S. S. corps and its designated successors keep an eye on the superpowers and carry on a cunning yet persistent global campaign of military, economic, and political blackmail and extortion that was started in early 1947.

The diabolical Nazis established and expanded a network of lunar bases whose primary purpose is to exploit the ultimate military “high ground”, control and contain superpowers, and mine the abundant minerals available there (including helium- 3 for nuclear fusion reactors) for light and heavy manufacturing purposes to support terrestrial and lunar operations.

Some argue that this is why NASA killed the Apollo program and why they never returned to the moon. Many spacecraft have returned photos of what can only be described as mining operations and structures on the lunar surface. Are they operated by space aliens? Not the Nazi theorists probably argue. Most likely the Nazi space corps is running the show.

The Nazis established secret maintenance bases in the far north of Norway, under deep lakes in northwestern Canada, in Central America, in southern South America, and under targeted regions of the oceans and vast seas. These areas have been hotbeds of reports of flying saucers and UFO activity for years, but strangely, no activity was reported from these regions before 1945.

When Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s United States Naval Task Force confronted and engaged Polar Waffen SS forces near the huge Nazi base Neuschwabenland in Antarctica in 1956, the Americans lost. The task force limped home months earlier than planned, with nearly a hundred men missing and dozens wounded. One of the fleet’s ships was lost, and Byrd was ordered by President Eisenhower never to speak to the press about the horrific events that took place on the southern ice shelf.

The “super submarines” of the German Navy disappeared with the fall of the Third Reich. They were never sunk or scuttled and none of the Allied forces captured them. Last time there were reports that they were heading for the South Pole.

Tons of Nazi gold disappeared at the end of the war. The Allies never found him, nor did anyone else. Today, the catch is worth an estimated trillion dollars. The so-called Nazi “Last Battalion” smuggled him out of Germany before the Allied forces arrived.

Did they use it to further capitalize on their Antarctic base and satellite operations in Argentina and the mountain fortresses they built that may still be operating today in Paraguay?
Are these theorists right? The answers can be found on the dark side of the Moon… Below we have a video about the secret Nazi base on the Moon:

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