Dark Side Of The Moon

Even though the Moon looks dull and lifeless, even to the naked eye, some conspiracy theorists stand firm and claim that aliens could live there.

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Despite the lack of evidence, UFO hunters have long claimed that extraterrestrials may be hiding away from the watchful eye of humanity by living on the dark side of the Moon.

One side of the Moon always faces the Earth due to the gravitational pull of our planet’s tides, a process known as “tidal locking”.
For this reason, conspiracy theorists claim that the far or dark side of the Moon would be the perfect place for aliens to live.

And as NASA satellite images showed evidence of a light shining on the dark side, they also showed supposedly man-made structures casting shadows.

The great conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has analyzed NASA satellite images and believes he has seen some of these structures and even goes so far as to say they are artificial.

In addition, Waring believes that NASA tried to hide the evidence and “lied” to the rest of the world.
The UFO hunter wrote on his ET database: “You are looking at cities on the moon. You see, there are three types of buildings that we have identified on the Moon.

“First are the metal buildings which have angles like the human buildings, but they are always smaller compared to the other two. In the second row are the white ceramic buildings (photo 3). “These will have black windows, yet the surface of the building is so bright that it looks like light reflecting off the surface, buildings that had openings that allow ships to come and go.

Their shape is usually round or oval, never with sharp angles, always with smooth edges.
“Third is the dark buildings. These are the most unusual and appear to be biomechanical or living structures that have been cultivated. They are flat black, meaning they have no reflective surfaces.

“They are massive, up to hundreds of kilometers long. They often have small buildings near the entrances, with many (4–8 usually) tunnel-like attachments going back and forth.
It seems that China has decided to reveal the truth about alien bases, as it has successfully landed a probe on the hidden side of the moon.

The lunar probe Change-4 has successfully landed on the far side of the Moon. In this way, China becomes the first country in human history to successfully land a probe in this lunar area. As reported by China Global Television Network (CGTN), Change-4 has already sent back an image, taken from the southern part of the landing site.

The objective of the mission is to help future space travelers through experiments, such as creating a biosphere, which includes silkworm eggs, yeast, and potato seeds.
If the experiment works right, the ecosystem would be self-sustaining, with the silkworms sprouting the potatoes and creating caterpillars. These, in turn, would produce carbon dioxide, helping plants grow as a food source.
Additionally, because the far side of the Moon is far from Earth, there is no interference from radio signals, making it the perfect place to study the universe. The mission is part of China’s ambitious project to explore the Moon’s resources and potential as a space base. And the next step will be a manned lunar mission to the same place.

That’s the official version, but conspiracy theorists believe China has another plan: to find secret alien bases.

They are based on the fact that the hidden side of the Moon has not been explored before and cannot be seen by normal telescopes. But apart from searching for alien bases, the Chinese lunar mission on the other side of our natural satellite may discover the huge craters that are the result of NASA’s secret bombings.

Experts in the field say these craters were created as part of lunar mining operations or perhaps to remove civilizations from other worlds that lived on the moon.
Whatever the reason, this theory became popular after NASA deliberately launched a rocket and satellite onto the lunar surface in 2009.

Although the US space agency confirmed that the mission was to determine whether the Moon contains water, for conspiracy theorists it was evidence of a war against an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Additionally, in 2018, former United States Air Force (USAF) Sergeant Karl Wolfe claimed to have discovered artificial structures on the dark side of the Moon using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC). He assured me that the structures are not natural and suggested that the other side of the moon could be an alien base.

Now we just need to know if China will reveal the truth about alien structures on the moon or continue to hide the truth as NASA has done for years!

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