Phil Roiz: The Man Who Returned From The Other World

A man named Phil Roiz said that after he drowned, he ended up in a kind of “waiting room” where there were other people who had just died.

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And then two mysterious humanoid figures brought him back to Earth.
Roiz spoke about his experience in a new NDE video on the YouTube channel “The Other Side NDE” (see clip below).

In 2012, he got food poisoning and was very sick. While washing himself in the shower, he vomited, lost his balance, and fell to the floor of the shower cubicle, hitting his head. But this was not the cause of “death”, but the fact that when he fell, he firmly blocked the drain of the shower with his body, and the water began to quickly fill the cabin.

Roiz remembers how he tried to fight, but he had no strength at all and the water ended up covering his face. And then he got to a strange place.

“The next thing I remember, I’m in what looks like a room, the size of a normal bedroom. It was my bathroom floor, but there were other people around me in other rooms,” he said.

“I saw that there were other people around me, to my right there was a guy lying on the floor, he was on all fours and moaning. He also looked like he had food poisoning. I also heard a woman moaning nearby and I could really tell what she was thinking. She was sad because he had died and she had small children she didn’t want to leave. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t completely dead yet, but apparently, I was “in line for Heaven” or where you go after death to relax or get out of your earthly body or whatever. this kind, I don’t know.
It seemed like we all got here at the same time and it was like a big line. It felt like we were moving somewhere, maybe we were going to the spirit world or where you could go and change your soul, take another body and come back across the moon to reincarnate or something.”

Phil Roiz lives in Dallas, Texas. He thinks he poisoned himself with an old packaged salad from the supermarket. At one point, already coming home, he felt very weak. Then he started having stomach pains, there was vomiting, and when he went to bed in the evening he couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

The next morning he went to shower before work and that’s where it all happened. And he was almost ready to go where the other dead were going, but suddenly two humanoid beings appeared in front of him.

“These two creatures came into the room I was in and looked at me. They looked like two men. I don’t particularly remember their faces. I can’t remember if they had long hair and beards or maybe they looked like angels or something, but I had the impression that they were humanoid, but not quite like us. The one on my right said to the one on my left, “What are you doing here? He doesn’t belong here. Send him back to the shower.”

And I immediately left my “room” and went back through the tunnel of light. It wasn’t white light, it was like colored lights. Then the memory of this scene ends and I “wake up” in the shower.

However, he had not yet returned to his body. Phil understood this immediately because he felt no pain. Then he saw that he was looking down at his body and that only a small part of his head was sticking out of the water. It all seemed so strange that Phil didn’t even realize right away that he was looking at his own body. But after a few moments, Phil returned to his body and finally had the strength to rise from the water. He was saved.

Phil says this incident changed him forever:

“I don’t worry about death anymore. I know we live on and our soul lives on forever and we go to different places. I lost my motivation for my career, to climb the career ladder, and to earn a lot of money. Many things no longer make sense to me.

Now I don’t want to have super nice material goods. I am a different person now. I am much more spiritual, not so religious, not so religiously organized, but I am much more spiritual than before.
In this experience, I did not see the Lord or God our father, although I know he exists — I just didn’t have much time…


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