KGB Secret — Alien Races On Earth

In Russia, the children of a deceased Ukrainian officer are said to have found a book belonging to the Soviet Union’s secret service (KGB), which describes more than fifty alien races that have visited Earth.


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The Book of Alien Races is one of the most controversial and original documents of the period when Russia was dominated by communism. The information in this book is still very controversial, and its authenticity cannot be verified.

However, we believe it could be useful, as the information found in this alleged book could be related to statements made some time ago by Dmitry Medvedev about aliens.

The first edition was published in 1946 and was intended to inform secret service agents about various alien races visiting Earth at the time. This particular book is fascinating because many types of alien species are described, as well as the description and type of their ships and their place of origin.

Image from Book of Aliens Races

The book was made by the SMERSH counterintelligence service built by the Red Army in late 1942 or even earlier, but was officially founded on April 14, 1943. On January 13, 1947, there was a small book, which contained a description of the best alien SMERSH agents.

The KGB book also describes how each species contributed to the development and progress of human life on planet Earth. Therefore, the book also describes the extraterrestrial races that have observed our planet over time, as well as the fact that they have interacted with different governments in different countries of the world.

The book also provides information about meetings held with other governments and secret outfits. The KGB book is a great source of information as well as a manual for learning how to communicate with some of these exotic species.

For example, there are aliens “Allgruulk” who is known in the Universe as creators and builders. They can live up to 230 years and have visited Earth for 300 years in which they had direct contact with humans. They come from the constellation Sculptor and derive from an ancient race of reptilians that disappeared.

They are specialists in building ships and other necessary devices
for long-distance space travel in finding raw materials. They were last seen near Tokyo (Japan) in 2005.

The “RAK” aliens are another exotic species. This species has visited humanity since 720 BC. The secret document not only describes the physical characteristics of the different types of aliens but also details how many times they have visited the planet and the planetary position of each of the identified species.

Numerous sites dedicated to UFO research claim that in the pages of this old secret file about extraterrestrials, we can find information about various spaceships in which these beings move in the cosmos, as well as frightening details coming from these beings.

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