KGB Secret — Alien Races On Earth Part 1

A book containing the names of alien races was found in the KGB archives.

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My first article was just a short summary. But seeing that it was widely read, I decided to write in more detail about this topic.

I will divide the article into several parts because of the large amount of information.

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Book of alien races found in KGB archives

SMERSH, the counterintelligence service launched in 1943 by Josef Stalin, has released a book. This includes descriptions of some of the service team’s top agents who were allegedly aliens.

This book was released on January 13, 1947. And since this was done, many have lost faith in the Russian government. And more specifically, in their response to a possible alien invasion.

How can we trust them, if they lied to us all the time?

The book talks about the existence of eight different classes or races, including drawings and information about each alien race.
Over time, the information became more and more accurate, and more and more images of the creatures described in the SMERSH book were published. Testimonies of creatures running in the fields…. UFOs that kidnap people….

All these images have been added to the documents.

The book was officially owned by the KGB after the USSR collapsed and a copy of it was made in Buryatia, Siberia, which was later revealed to the public.

Fun fact: the famous video game company known as Mass Effect was one of the companies that got access to that book and used it as inspiration for their video games.

Many people discredit the claims of this book, but there is too much evidence to support it.

The Alien Races

1. Allgruulk (aka “the builder”)

They come from the constellation Sculptor.

They are descended from a long-extinct race of reptilians.

They are experts in creating the ships and other equipment required for interplanetary travel.

Additionally, they are space tourists who are looking for raw — materials.

They can live up to 230 years.

Last seen near Tokyo (Japan) in 2005.

2. Kiily — Tokurt

They originate from the Vela (Velame) constellation, close to the star Suhail al Muhlif.

They can reach a height of 2 m (6′) and have a lifetime of 200 years.

They are highly evasive and can shapeshift.

The only characteristics of their eyes that cannot be altered when they shape-shift are their size and color.

One of the earliest races to exist in them.
They do kidnap people.

They were last observed on Terra in July 2008.

3. Pleyadiyans

They originate from the planet Erra, which is close to the star Taygeta, in the solar system that surrounds the Pleyadiyes stars.

They are connected to spiritual development.

Their maximum height is 2.5 meters (8′).

They engage in “sex cultivation,” the deliberate separation of sexual expression from sensual sensation.

They call their vessels “beam ships.”

Since 10.000 BC, they have remained largely “silent,” despite frequently visiting Earth.

One of the oldest races to exist in them.

They keep refining the cognitive abilities required to eventually achieve their objective: an even higher “spiritual state.”


They are from the Volans constellation.

This race has only sometimes been observed on Earth, and it is therefore referred to as “a mystery race”.

According to legend, they were forbidden from visiting Earth circa 1000 BC, yet they continued to do so thanks to their allies, the race Maitre.

December 1989 marked our last contact with Earth.

5. KURS (aka “Gods of Lands”)

Image from Book of Aliens Races

Believed to be a member of the Anunnaki race.

They are from the Dillimuns planet.

They make up the race that lies “behind” Enlil and Ninlil’s tale.

They had a direct impact on the early stages of the evolution of the human species.

They have lately returned to Earth after spending centuries away. One of the newest guests is their commander.

They’ll now live permanently on Earth… They will play a significant role in the upcoming years.

They spend time submerged in a liquid that resembles precious gold and is thought to lengthen their lifespan.


They are Sextans Dwarf SPH from another galaxy.

In the region that is now known as Romania, they first came to Earth in the year 934.

They frequently kidnap and murder people… they drain and drink both human and animal blood.

They are to blame for the vampire myth.

Many human governments are aware of and supportive of their behavior.

They never get their human bodies back after they “use” them.

Scotland saw its last sighting in 1996.


They originate from the Camelopardalis constellation.

Other alien races prevented them from leaving their planet between the year 1300 and early 1900 (according to our calendar).

They are a particularly “predatory” and vicious race.

They are well-known to be Maitre’s race’s allies.

The maximum height is 1.6 meters (5′).

August 2001 was the last time someone was spotted on Earth.


Near Deneb Kaitos Shemali, in the constellation Cetus, they originate.

Despite sometimes being mistaken for reptile races, they have little in common with them other than their outward look.

They can live up to 350 years and are about 2 meters (6 feet) tall.

One of the 21 races with more than two genders is this one (sexes).

There are 8 distinct genders in this race, and they can all have children.

The unknown is the reason for their trips to Earth.

The last sighting was in December 2004 close to Lima, Peru.

9. “THE MESSENGERS” (no image provided)

Few details are known about them, making them one of the most mysterious alien races.

Every 300 years or so, they come to Earth.

Their next visit is expected to occur soon.

They don’t make themselves known and avoid making eye contact with people.

They leave symbolism in historical sites as well as carvings, paintings, and writings on rocks.

Their ships are silver in color and feature a “teardrop” shape.


Image from Book of Aliens Races

They are from Capella in the Auriga constellation.

Renowned for being a gentle race.

They made an effort to coexist with others.

They “constructed” the Mayan civilization (culture) in South America by settling people from all over the world there.

They are a race of “scientists,” and they were the ones who taught the Mayans about time and astronomy.

When the Mayans were at their most magnificent, they fled Earth.

The well-known Mayan “blood sacrifices” in their honor then began.

After that, this race visited Earth numerous times.

Bora-Bora was last seen in 2001.

11. MOOVIANTHAN -KAYPHIK (aka “shining ones”)

Image from Book of Aliens Races

They originate from the Vulpecula constellation.

They have had meetings with several senior officials and leaders from the USSR, the US, and at least two US presidents.

They give humans access to a small portion of their technology in exchange for the “freedom” to commit kidnappings. Other alien races are not included in this process.

They played a significant part in Tibetan and Siberian culture.

They still maintain bases there, tucked up on the north faces of mountains.

So far, they have settled more than 40 planets outside of our solar system!

12. RAK

Image from Book of Aliens Races

This race, which is one of the 58 that are discussed here, has only visited Earth five times, according to what we now know.

They traveled to the region now known as the middle east, which gave rise to the notion of “Jinn” (also known as “genies”) in Islamic mythology.

Some Muslim thinkers assert that people live in a hidden realm that extends beyond the boundaries of our cosmos.

They stopped coming to Earth because their immune systems could not handle the flora and fauna, according to accounts from other alien races.
It was last seen in 712 AD.

13. “THE INVISIBLES” (no image)

It is known that this race has “been witnessed” close to high-security sites.

To the unaided eye, they are virtually completely invisible.

Both the US and Russian militaries have created technology that enables radar tracking of them (just the ships).

About this race, we know 3 things:

1. When they are nearby, they leave a bad stench.
2. You may “see” their reflection as a “smudged-like” figure when they are close to windows (have been caught on cctv footage).
3. It’s possible they’re nearby (or Reptoids/Reptilains) if many dogs (or just one) start barking for no apparent reason.

They are from the Mensa constellation.

The unknown purpose for presence.


Image from Book of Aliens Races

After losing a conflict with Reptoids in ancient India (date unknown), where they had been traveling for over 200 years, they were forced to leave Earth.

In 1948, they started returning to Earth.

This race is extremely advanced technologically.

Their crew members frequently wear clothes that make them invisible, and their ships are frequently invisible to radar and the human eye.

They are said to originate from Jupiter or one of its moons.

Portugal, May 2005, marked the last sighting.

15. AINANNA (no image)

The name “Martians” was first used by Humans to refer to members of this race.

They are from the Gemini constellation.

Since ancient times, they have had permanent bases on Mars where they mine a substance that resembles gold.

In Japan in 1235 BC, the first recorded visit to Earth was made.

Last sighting: Madagascar, 2003.

The end of the first part, to be continued…

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