The Mystery of the 13 Mayan Crystal Skulls.

At least 10 mysterious crystal skulls have been discovered in Mexico and Central America, ranging in age from several hundred to several thousand years.

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Crystal skulls are machined from large pieces of crystal, usually from the mineral quartz. Often, they are similar in size and features to real human skulls (orbits, nasal cavity, and cranial curvature). The best-made crystal skulls even have removable mandibles.

In addition to claims of their paranormal qualities, the controversy surrounding crystal skulls concerns their origin.

Current methods of dating artifacts can neither confirm nor deny such assumptions, but generally speaking, skulls carved with metal tools cannot be more than a few hundred years old if they originate from Mexico or Central America.

The mysterious crystal skulls

This example is in the British Museum. Owlcation

Some of them have been attributed to the Mayan culture that flourished in southern Mexico and Central America in the 1st millennium AD. But as determined by studying symbols, artifacts, or recurring hieroglyphic references, there is no known Mayan cultural tradition related to crystal skulls or their worship.

There is some indication that in the Aztec civilization, which arose earlier and further north than the Maya, the skulls may have had symbolic importance, but there are even fewer enthusiasts who link them to the Aztecs. Radiocarbon testing does not apply to crystal, the method being valid only for biological entities.

Enthusiasts of crystal skulls believe that they can awaken human consciousness to a higher spiritual level.

Some even claim to have experienced extrasensory connections when looking at a crystal skull and claim that such artifacts possess positive energy. Quartz crystal skulls, as well as other quartz objects, have, according to fans, the mystical ability to record events, thoughts, and feelings developed in their presence.

They attribute the creation of crystal skulls to ancient populations, suggesting that the ancients used them to predict the future, and control the weather, as therapeutic artifacts, oracles of cosmic wisdom, receivers of universal knowledge, and a tool for divine knowledge.

There is a crystal skull on display at the British Museum in London and another at the Trocadero Museum in Paris. Both are probably of Mexican origin, with reliable information that they were purchased around 1890.

The London Museum acquired its specimen through the New York jewelry firm Tiffany in 1898.


Tests carried out in 1995 revealed the presence of steel fragments in the crystal, probably from a jeweler’s tool, thus confirming that the object is of modern origin. The dating was thus moved from the ancient Aztec period to a much more recent era, after the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1520.

It was rumored that the museum’s night guards refused to stand near the skull unless it was covered, claiming that the object would emit vibrations or colored rays of light or that it would bring death.

The Amethyst Crystal Skull and the Mayan Crystal Skull were discovered in Guatemala around 1900. The latter got its name because it was found at the site of Mayan ruins and is currently used by a clairvoyant who claims to help, in predictions, of his qualities.

Two skulls reveal a special artistic mastery.

The rose quartz crystal skull, found on the border between Honduras and Guatemala, has detachable mandibles, as does the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the most famous of all these artifacts It is named after its discoverers and keepers, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges (1882–1959) and his daughter Anna (1910–2007), it is considered the most beautiful crystal skull specimen.

Crafted from a single piece of clear quartz, the artifact is roughly the size of an adult female skull, and the jaws are made from the same amount of crystal as the rest of the skull. They blend loosely and maintain a perfect balance with it.

All these skulls have standard features, although some experts attribute them to different origins, suggesting that they were executed in Babylon, the Middle East, or the American continent.

The skull in the British Museum is made from a block of pure quartz, also called rock crystal, weighing about five kilograms.

Although it was examined with the electron microscope and photomicrographs taken after it was studied, not the slightest scratch could be identified on its surface.

At the same time, it was determined that the work was not cast or made with known tools, and it was calculated that a man would have needed around 300 years of continuous work, day and night, to polish such an object.

The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull

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The two great mysteries surrounding the Mitchell-Hedges skull concern the method of manufacture and the history of its discovery. The object is believed to have been formed from a large block of crystal carved into the approximate shape of a skull and then permanently finished with water and a solution of silicon sand and crystal, or perhaps by some unknown technology.

There are no traces of processing with metal objects. The stripes inside the skull are said to channel light from the base of the skull to the eye sockets like a modern optical technology, and the eye sockets have concave shapes that reflect light to the top of the skull.

The prisms and light tunnels inside are thought to be the reason why objects appear larger and brighter when held under the skull.

The Mitchell-Hedges skull, like other skulls, is said to change color, sometimes being whitish, sometimes going from gray to deep black.

Many of those who have admired the object talk about strange visions, and some even claim to have detected a deaf roar or a certain smell. Like other mystical objects, the Mitchell-Hedges specimen is reputed to possess oracular and healing powers. It is said to be able to accumulate natural magnetism and amplify and transmit energy.

The owner and first writer of it, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, claims that it has the power to kill, citing the example of several of his enemies thus disappearing.

Mitchell-Hedges explorer and adventurer wrote books about the search for lost tribes and the vanished continent, Atlantis (Lands Wonder and Fear, 1931), as well as his encounters with sea monsters (Battles With Monsters of Giant Fish, 1923 and Battles With Monsters of the Sea, 1937).

In 1927, Mitchell-Hedges and her daughter Anna were clearing debris from the roof of a temple in the ancient Mayan city of Lubaantun (in present-day Belize) when 17-year-old Anna discovered what would become known as the skull of Mitchell-Hedges crystal.

A few weeks later, nearby, she also found the artifact’s jaw.

Mitchell-Hedges did not publish anything about the discovery until 1943 when he named the object “The Cursed Skull” and claimed it was 3,600 years old. Curiously, there is barely any mention of the skull in the autobiography Danger My Ally (1954). After he died in 1959, his daughter Anna became the keeper of the skull.

Today it is unanimously accepted that Anna Mitchell-Hedges did not discover the famous crystal skull in the ruins of the Mayan city in 1927, but her father bought it during an auction at Sotheby’s in London in 1943. Such claims have been verified by documents from the British Museum, which disputed possession of the object with the Mitchell-Hedges family.

In 1970, the skull was examined by restorer Frank Dorland. He claimed to have spotted a spirit after studying the skull late at night at his home.

According to Dorland, tests conducted at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Santa Clara, California, would argue for toolless machining of the artifact and a cut along the axis of the skull. The validity of the tests has been questioned, as has the entire story of the Mitchell-Hedges skull

Crystal Skull Max


In 1980, Jo Ann and Carl Parks became the owners of the famous crystal skull from Texas, which they affectionately call Max, when a Tibetan healer offered it for a debt. Claiming that they initially did not know the meaning of the object, Carl and Jo Ann, residents of the city of Houston, left the object in a pantry for seven years.

It wasn’t until they met F. N. “Nick” Nocerino of Pinole, California, one of the world’s leading crystal skull experts and director of the Crystal Skull Society, that they learned what a precious artifact they possessed.

Nocerino had been looking for the skull since the 1940s. He knew of its existence, but he had searched all over the world in vain.

Of the 13 crystal skulls known to researchers to be roughly the size of a human head, Max is the largest, weighing 9 kilograms, compared to the others, which weigh between 4.5 and 5.5 kilograms.

Max was found in a Mayan tomb in Guatemala and is estimated to have come from a 25–30 kilogram chunk of rock over half a million years old.

Apart from Max and the Mitchell-Hedges skull in Canada, all the other artifacts, each different in size and anatomical detail, are housed in museums and private collections.

Crystal skulls can induce visions of the future


People claim that when they are near Max, they see images and have visions. They believe they can thus see scenes from Earth’s history and frequently perceive messages and images related to the UFO phenomenon. “Believe it or not, if you look at this object from a scientific and archaeological point of view you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the amazing skill with which it was made,” said Jo Ann Parks.

The crystal skull exhibited at the Museum of Mankind in London is considered an object from the 19th century. At least scientists are convinced that all the evidence points to a recent origin for all crystal skulls.

Until convincing new evidence emerges that a known civilization worshiped such artifacts or that they are vestiges of a vanished civilization, belief in the special qualities of skulls continues to persist in the minds of mystics.

None of the skulls have ever been discovered in any official archaeological dig. That is why specialists at the British Museum believe that all crystal skulls are probably faked.

Since no one knows for sure by whom they were made and when this happened, but also because they are composed of inorganic matter, their age could not be established by the radiocarbon dating method (C-14), the extravagant hypotheses and legends have nested around them.

Some of the skulls were studied in the laboratories of Hewlett-Packard (HP), the famous company that produces electronic systems and has the best research in the field of crystals.

The HP specialists were unable to explain the ancients’ method of working the skulls from a single block, often against the natural axes of the crystal.

They claim that in our time, using the most sophisticated technologies, it would take a year to make one, and it is not certain that once they got to the jaw configuration, the whole work would not have cracked.

But if they were made by hand, by grinding, without tools that could produce vibrations and heat, they would last 300 years! One member of the team of specialists at Hewlett Packard put it in a slightly exasperated tone that these skulls simply should not exist.

The skulls are made from a block three times the size of the artifact, and the ancient craftsman would have had no way of knowing that the core was compact. As a rule, large crystal blocks have pores and holes in the core.

The 13 Crystal Skulls of the Mayans

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The tradition of some tribes says that real skulls talk. There are 13 in number because they represent the Sun, the Moon, and the 10 planets of our solar system, and the 13th represents Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent or Flying Serpent, who will return to rule the solar system.

The Mayan year had 13 months and 20 days, and there were 13 gods of the upper world, each represented by a skull. The tribes that transmitted the legend of the skulls that will save the world are the Mayans of Mexico, who recorded it in the Popol Vuh, the Aztecs of Mexico, the Navajo Indians of the southeastern United States, the Cherokee and the Seneca (Iroquois League) of the northwestern United States.

The thirteen quartz skulls are said to have the ability to transmit information through “cosmic rays”. Thus, these skulls would be some kind of advanced computer that can register the subtle energies coming from people or even the opinion that part of the secret history of the Earth would be stored on them.

Most archaeologists and scientists are at least skeptical of such views, which are difficult to support by arguments and experiments.

The Mayan elder of the K’iche lineage, Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, presents himself as the most traditional and respected of the few authentic Mayan teachers.

His wife says he received the sacred “vara” (the bag of sacred tz’ite seeds prized by oracles in the Mayan highlands) from his father himself when he was just 13 years old. Thus, don Alejandro’s father constituted the thirteenth generation of spiritual guides in his family.

Later, don Alejandro had a revelatory experience in which he was shown some “invisible beings” who baptized him Wakatel Utiw (Wandering Wolf) and commissioned him to be the “Voice of the Jungle” and messenger of the Mayans.

As part of his mission, he travels the world as a representative of the Mayans, delivering prophecies and a message of loving respect to all beings. Internet sources quote Don Alejandro as apparently saying the following:

The crystal skulls were brought from the Pleiades and speak of reincarnation. The mother of Mayan science is the Pleiadian. These skulls need to go home, where they belong. This is the science of the future, after the year 2000. In fact, Maya means “my people”. They first came to Atlantis. Our first pyramids were there, underwater. In the Bermuda area. The name of the Atlantis fortress was Tulan. There have been many visits from the Pleiades, and then they come back here, and then they come here again, and they go down to Asia, to Tibet, to Kamaya, and to India. They were called Nagayama

Many of the stories about crystal (quartz) skulls focus on their supernatural or healing powers.

Joshua Shapiro, the co-author of The Mysteries of Crystal Skulls Revealed, talks about the purported healing powers and extended psychic abilities experienced by people who have come into contact with these skulls.

One of the most interesting observations of the specialists from HP, which I mentioned earlier, is that they can act as a memory chip, in a way not yet discovered, being made of the same material from which the memory chips of computers are obtained.

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Mayan tradition says that when the old shaman of the tribe felt that his hour had come, he would choose a young man with shamanic abilities, they would both enter the temple where the skull was kept, and there the old man would transfer all his knowledge to the young man through a ritual involving that skull crystal.

Today’s descendants of the Mayans use them as “healing stones”. Modern research certifies that the powerful vibrations of crystals resonate with the vibrations of the internal organs of the human body, rebalancing the body’s energy level.

Of the crystal skulls circulating among various collectors, four are constructed of antique clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.

These are among the 13 that Mayan legends say will assist the world in passing into another life cycle. For them to fulfill their purpose, they must be in the possession of the Mayan descendants.

When they are reunited they will have the power to save humanity, transmitting important data to save the Earth.

Strange Cherokee legend

The Cherokee Indians say that 12 inhabited planets in our solar system each had a crystal skull in which their entire history was recorded.

Lcations of Lore

The 13th, with which they formed a system, was on Earth. Together they produced an extremely strong electric current. Say the Cherokee Indians, there are said to be 52 crystal skulls (the Sacred Cycle of the Sun Years), 13 of which were in the possession of the Maya.

These had been brought to Earth by extraterrestrial beings and contained coded data about the history of the Cosmos, data that would be revealed to Earthlings when they could understand it.

According to legend, the crystal skulls were brought from space by 13 representatives of different extraterrestrial races, who entrusted them to various peoples. When the time comes, the skulls will be rediscovered, predicts the same legend.

The 12 skulls must be placed in a circle, and the 13th in the middle. Once this is accomplished, the world will be completely changed, the poles will be reversed, and people will gain knowledge of lost or hidden civilizations.

It is believed that the material from which they were made, in this case, quartz, was probably chosen for certain properties of it, including that of powerfully catalyzing self-awareness.

Today, quartz crystals are used in modern electronic devices and appliances. Adding to the computer industry are major advances in the video, film, and audio industries that utilize the amplification and stable resonator abilities of quartz.

Similarly, quartz can work with the energy system of the human body to increase one’s healing capabilities or expand one’s psychic awareness.

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