Aliens Created Our Dna And Marked It With The Number 37, Scientists In Kazakhstan Say

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been puzzled about their source of origin.

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Many believe that we are not the only ones living in this universe. Researchers and experts have come across various artifacts, incidents, and evidence that suggest an unknown civilization exists.

From time to time, people come across traces that lead to the possibility that, in the distant past, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have already visited the Earth.

Over the years, human civilization has discovered various objects, such as sensitive radio telescopes and spacecraft, with the belief that perhaps one day, they may uncover the mystery associated with the origin of all life on our planet.

A bold assumption was made by a group of scientists led by Maxim Makukov of the Fesenkov Institute of Astrophysics in Almaty, Kazakhstan. His fellow researcher and mathematician Vladimir Shcherbak believes they have conclusive evidence that a message or signature resides in our genetic code.

They stated that life on Earth is the result of “direct panspermia”. It is a process by which life is transferred from one planet to another.

They found that the number 37 repeatedly appears in the genetic code, which is a set of principles that turn DNA into proteins and does not change as it is passed down through the generations. For example, the molecular core shared by all 20 amino acids has a mass of 74, which is 37 times its original mass.

They think that evidence of alien participation in the emergence of man must be sought in his DNA. It is also thought that the advent of mankind is far closer than we realize.

They claimed that “humans are nothing more than a test subject for the advanced alien civilization that arrived on Earth in the distant past hundreds of millions of years ago.” It is thought that the key to uncovering the mysteries of our origin is only found in our DNA.

This assumption is noteworthy because it was supported by Francis Crick himself, who discovered the DNA sequence. Francis stated that human DNA was far too complex to evolve over some time which led to theories of alien interference with human DNA.

The research has been going on for more than 8 years, and scientists have discovered several interesting facts by analyzing the presence of mathematical sequences in human DNA. It was found that DNA can be represented as a set of arithmetic and ideographic patterns that make up a kind of symbolic language.

What surprised the researchers more were the possibilities to perform logical transformations and the revelation of their accuracy and consistency. Also extremely curious is the fact that DNA contains a frequently repeated pattern “37”.

It is believed to be a kind of sign that requires more attention from experts, because the number corresponds to the normal human temperature — 37 degrees Celsius.

Another example can be found in Rumer’s “metamorphosis.” In 1966, Yuri Rumer discovered that the genetic code can be split in half, one half consisting of “whole family” codons (three structural units in DNA) and the other half consisting of “split family” codons (which do not have the AC code, an essential amino acid for building proteins).

There are a total of 28 codons, with a total atomic mass of 1665 and a combined side chain atomic mass of 703, both multiples of 37.

In their research report published in Icarus, the scientists present a total of nine cases, supporting that the odds of the number 37 appearing that many times at random in the genetic code is an astonishing one in 10 trillion.
Professor Maxim Makukov stated the following:

“We immediately realized about the code has a non-random structure. The patterns we describe are not simply non-random, having some characteristics that, at least from our point of view, have been very difficult to attribute to natural processes. Maybe the aliens are long gone. Maybe they are still alive. But I think these are questions for the future. And the explanation we give about the codes in those related above, we are convinced is the most plausible.”

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