The Aurora Incident

50 years before Roswell, a massive UFO crashed near Dallas in the town of Aurora.

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The city of Aurora is located about 30 kilometers from Dallas and seems to be a place where time has stopped. However, the annals of UFO incidents inform us that more than 100 years ago, a flying saucer crashed on the outskirts of this town.

The major event occurred on April 9, 1897, when a UFO of considerable size crashed.

The locals became alert and went to the accident site. Then a humanoid being was discovered, who according to the testimonies, was the aircraft’s pilot. The alien was dead and the locals, keeping the tradition, buried him in the city cemetery.

The story of the Aurora incident is a controversial one. The truth is somewhere in the middle because no one has been able to answer the many questions surrounding this case. While some believe that the UFO crash is just a legend, to attract tourists to the area, others think that this story is based on a real fact.

The local press wrote at the time that on April 9, 1897, numerous mysterious flying machines were seen in the sky of Aurora. They were round or oval and glowed in various colors. A huge, cigar-shaped UFO was also seen.

The American journalist, FE Hayden, discovered a lot of information about this incident in the Dallas archive. It is said that on that day, a UFO headed towards the ground at a fantastic speed, and on contact with it there was a terrifying explosion.

This information is based on the testimony of the locals at the time. The locals went to the accident site and recovered the body of an alien from that ship.

This one was small in size and looked extremely frail. The alien was dead and it was then decided that he should be buried in the city cemetery.

The locals built him a cigar-shaped tombstone for posterity. In the middle of the last century, the stone was stolen, which is why no one knows where the alien was buried.

Over time, several teams of ufologists traveled to Aurora to investigate the case. No one has discovered any clues to confirm this story…

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