The Legendary City Destroyed By A Vimana

Many of the oldest sacred texts tell the story of a city built by a god and destroyed by spaceships.


The legend had been forgotten until, in recent years, traces of that mythical place where found. Dwarka, the lost city, has given clear signs of its existence.

It is the present-day city of Dwarka, located in the western Indian state of Gujarat, which owes its reputation to the ancient and lost city of the same name. According to the Vedas, or Hindu holy scriptures, the god Krishna himself ordered the construction of the city of Dwarka.

It is no coincidence that this name means “Heaven’s Door”. Before he built the city, Krishna, the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu, lived in the city of Mathura. This kingdom was attacked about 17 times by Yarasandha, the tyrant king and ruler of Magadha.

In each of these clashes, Krishna managed to maintain his position by defending his city and defeating the invaders. But Yarasandha did not give up and decided to attack the city again. Then Krishna, in order not to risk his people further, decided to build a port city as the first line of defense.

He chose the west coast of India to build one of the most beautiful and advanced mythological cities of all time.

One version of the story suggests that Krishna enlisted the help of Vishwakarma, the celestial builder, to build his city.

Quickly, the newly built city came to life, becoming one of the most famous and prosperous human settlements in the world. The city is said to have housed thousands of people and has hundreds of palaces.

It had all the comforts and technological elements not seen in an ancient city. The descriptions present in the sacred Hindu texts about the city of Dwarka make us imagine a future and heavenly city.

But the splendor of Dwarka did not last long, as a king named Salwa launched a lightning attack on Krishna and his incredible city. Descriptions in ancient Hindu sacred texts suggest that the attack was aerial.

Flying war vehicles invaded the skies above the city and the moment of truth arrived.

At present, Salwa King’s description of Vimana can be interpreted as a UFO, as it flew at an unparalleled speed and was in different places within seconds. Furthermore, the weapons used during this war appeared to be missiles that created mass destruction.

Large sections of the city of Dwarka were destroyed and submerged by the sea. An epic battle that looks like something out of a modern science fiction movie. For defenders of the ancient astronaut theory, this story is further evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

Moreover, underwater archaeologists recently discovered the remains of a sunken city off the coast of the present-day city of Dwarka. The legend of the city built by a god is not entirely false.

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