Are UFOs Living Creatures?

The mystery of unidentified flying objects is still shrouded in a great deal of obscurity.

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Following the latest revelations from the US Department of Defense and intelligence services and the various cases that have been reported around the world, it can be concluded that UAPs are real phenomena, real events, and a security threat national. According to a new theory, a question arises:

Are UFOs living creatures?

The general public is already familiar with the beliefs of the advanced races that visit us or people from the future who time travel to our time, but lately, a new theory has gained support and may soon become the dominant one.

He attempts to prove that the so-called unidentified flying objects are not made of metal, but instead of biological material, and that in reality, these so-called flying objects are nothing more than new life forms arriving from the space bar.

The existence of these extraterrestrial beings was first revealed in 1948 by Charles Fort in his book “The Book of the Damned”. Subsequent authors, such as Ivan T. Sanderson, Jhon Filippe Bezos, and Trevor James Constabuland, have strongly argued that there is an ecosystem of atmospheric creatures of unknown origin. These creatures can glow in the dark and resemble ocean and water creatures.

Many astronauts, including John Glenn and Franklin Musgrave, have made the fascinating claim to have witnessed fireflies or something akin to jellyfish in deep space.

These astronauts say they even photographed and filmed these bizarre life forms, as with John Glenn and Franklin Musgrave.

The remarkable researcher Andreas Faber-kaiser, the winner of the Gold Medal and the National Award for Astronomy, included a chapter entitled “The Incredible Jellyfish of Space” in his book “The Clouds of Deception”.

In this chapter, he warns us that UFOs are new life forms that are on their way to Earth and that we should prepare for their arrival.

David G. Roca, a professor at the University of Alicante, released “La Biblia de las Ebas” in the year 2022. In this book, he states that strange bioluminescent life forms are beginning to colonize our atmosphere.

These EBAS, or Atmospheric Biological Entities, are to blame for many unexplained events, many of which are mistaken for alien flying saucers.

In the future, said David G. Roca, along with many others, there will be an increase in the number of anomalous occurrences as a result of the proliferation of extraterrestrial organisms in our atmosphere, which will cause a series of serious difficulties.

Following his research on antimatter and using concave lens telescopes, independent scientists such as Ruggero Santilli published two articles on the existence of unknown and intelligent entities in our atmosphere.

Everything points to the fact that these animals come to our planet without any discernible pattern. No one is sure what the results of this colonization will be, but one thing is certain: once this idea proves true, the rules of biology, evolution, and physics will have to be rewritten.

Are UFOs living creatures? This theory is also supported by the eyewitness testimony of the Bariloche Case or the Colares Island incident on November 2, 1959.

In which the witness claimed that the UFOs they saw up close had extremely animal-like characteristics, such as nerves, veins, tentacles, or flagella.

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