Are The Aliens To Be Guilty Because We Haven’t Back To The Moon?

On the way to the Moon with Apollo 11, Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong noticed a light through the window moving alongside them.

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Have there been several explanations stating what that light could be? Another spaceship from another world?

Aldrin stated that it was either the rocket they broke away from or the four panels that came off when they extracted the module from the rocket.
Both Neil and Edwin faced two spaceships. So when Edwin looked more closely, he could see four panels moving away.

He was content that they were looking at the sun reflected off one of the four panels. Which? He had no idea about it.

So technically he saw something that could be defined as unidentified.
Edger Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon and the astronaut who participated in the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, said that after traveling in space, he was sure that aliens were watching us.

How, when, and why, there is no answer to this, but people were being watched.

When mankind first ventured to the moon through NASA’s Apollo mission, we were faced with an ocean of mysteries.

Earth’s satellite moon has always been a hotly debated topic and a matter of speculation because of its secrets.

Mysterious moon images that appear to show strange constructions on the moon’s surface have not been explored much. Why have there been no recent visits to the moon?

Many believe that NASA’s Apollo mission was haunted by aliens. This theory, which has been completely dismissed by skeptics, has been fueled by comments from astronauts and high-ranking government officials.

In 1979, Maurice Chatelain, former head of NASA Communications Systems, confirmed that Neil Armstrong reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater.

It was revealed to Maurice that the meeting was known to NASA, but no one spoke about it until now.

Neil Armstrong unofficially stated that they had been warned, so he cannot go into detail, except to say that their ships were far superior to his in both size and technology.

They were colossal and they intimidated you, he said.
People believe that not all images of the moon revealed by NASA are original. According to NASA photo technician Donna Tietze, some people are specifically assigned to airbrush and edit out any anomalies found in images of the Moon.

The original images are not revealed because they may show structures and artifacts that could cause panic among citizens.

Many believe that several NASA images have been altered to hide the original structures, moon bases, and artifacts that prove there is an alien presence on the moon.

NASA scientist Dr. Farouk El-Baz said that not all discoveries have been announced to the public.

In the Apollo 11 mission, which was televised, there was a gap in the live broadcast that lasted several minutes.

Many people believe that during this interval, the radio operators started a conversation between the astronauts and NASA, in which Neil Armstrong talked about the presence of two giant alien ships observing the NASA astronauts from a distance, while NASA stated that overheating of the cameras led to errors.

NASA has never confirmed the conversation with the astronauts, but below is the alleged conversation between NASA and Houston during the “television gap:

-Armstrong and Aldrin: These are huge things. No, no, no — this is not an optical illusion. No one will believe this!
-Houston: What… what… what? What the heck is happening? What’s wrong with you?
-Armstrong and Aldrin: They’re here below the surface.
-Houston: What’s there?
Broadcast interrupted; interference control by calling “Apollo 11”
-Armstrong and Aldrin: Saw some visitors. They were here for a while, observing the instruments.
-Houston: Repeat the last information!
-Armstrong and Aldrin: I say there have been other spaceships. They are lined up on the other side of the crater.

There are other transcripts between the astronauts and ground control in which the astronauts suggested the presence of alien craft.

Many theories suggest that the moon has several alien bases that are located on the dark side of the moon.

Are these extraterrestrial bases the reason why humanity has not been able to return to the moon in recent years?

Or, are we already done with the moon and about to go to Mars?

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