Who Built The Moon?

The satellite of our planet has always fascinated man. Scientists are unanimous: The moon should not have existed!

Image by JB from Pixabay

It does not obey any of the astrophysical rules and no one has managed to impose the theory of its origin and formation 4 billion years ago. It has been suggested that after the collision with a meteorite, a large chunk of Earth broke off to form the Moon.

Or that it was a small planet that our orbit captured. Or that she was created at the same time as Terra. The researchers also discovered a coherent order of whole numbers in the Moon’s geometry and dimensions.

They looked for this geometric pattern on the other solar system planets but did not find it. It can also be noted that the Moon has almost no heavy metals and astronomers go so far as to think that it has no core!

It must be remembered that with a quarter of the size of the Earth, the Moon has only 1% of the mass of our planet (more precisely 1/83 of the mass of our planet) and its density is more like that of a shell than that of a planet.

Scientists from the Apollo missions explained these anomalies by postulating that the Moon had only a small core and confirmed in 1998 that it represented only 3% of its total mass (against 30% on Earth).

Another anomaly puzzled the astronomers. According to the laws of universal gravitation, the Earth would have to have 4 times its current rotation speed to account for the Earth-Moon interactions in the solar system.

There must also be added to this the impossible chance that its hidden face is invisible for 365 days a year. When these two very close bodies are geologically analyzed, Earth gets as if by magic all the mineral and ferrous substances and the Moon none!

In 1997, Colonel Philip Corso, a member of the National Security Council, stated: “The US Army and US Air Force possess 122 photographs taken by astronauts on the Moon showing an extraterrestrial presence.”

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