Secret KGB Files and the 1969 UFO Crash

In 1969, the Russian secret service KGB recovered a UFO presumably shot down by their fighters.

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UFO researcher Mark Mauvais said: “Any UFO report from Russia, especially one of a crash or landing, should be viewed with suspicion.

One such case is the “Secret KGB Files”, which describes the crash of a UFO in Russia and its subsequent recovery. The event, according to reports, took place in 1969 in the Sverdlovsk state.”

Sverdlovsk was formerly Yekaterinburg under old Soviet rule. According to reports, a UFO crashed and was found by Russian forces.

There is a video of the retrieval that includes close-ups of the UFO. A dead alien was found in the crashed ship.

The alien remains and UFO debris were taken to a secure location in Russia, where the unidentified object was analyzed and an autopsy was performed on the small alien body.

The film has been analyzed by American ufologists and for the most part, the film appears to be authentic for its time period.

The truck transporting the troops to the UFO crash site is a circa 1950s model ZIS151 that was once used by the Russian military. While it would have been difficult to find a 50-year-old truck in fairly decent condition, it is possible.

The film also feels real in terms of the Russian military uniforms and the general behavior of the soldiers.

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