“36 Alien Races Live In The Milky Way Galaxy”

It is believed that there are only one intelligent species on Earth, namely Homo Sapiens (modern humans).

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However, there are hypotheses that other intelligent entities exist in our solar system and on Earth and live among us.

According to the University of Nottingham, there must be at least 30 active alien civilizations in our galaxy.
However, the critical question is: have any of them attempted to contact Earth’s inhabitants? Well, there are no official records of them among us.

However, few government officials have verbally verified the extraterrestrial contacts and their regular visits to our planet.

In 1837, the Scottish scientist Thomas Dick estimated that there were at least 22 billion aliens living on every surface of the solar system (other sources indicated 22 trillion). He had a grand idea, which was to build “a massive triangle or ellipse of several miles in distant Siberia or any other country,” which the aliens could observe without effort.

Although it may seem completely ridiculous, such thoughts help the human consciousness expand its exploration of the enormous universe.
In addition, there are reports of man-made structures discovered in various locations throughout the solar system.

The narrative popularly referred to as “The Great Moon Hoax” was published in The New York Sun in 1835 under the pseudonym of astronomer John Herschel, claiming to have discovered life on the moon. Herschel built a massive telescope in South Africa that magnified celestial bodies up to 42,000 times.

He saw enormous monsters and men on the moon. Later, the tale turned into the most well-known media fake in history. But is it the case? In a podcast, Dr. Nolan and Lex Fridman, a researcher and professor at MIT, explored UFOs, alien civilizations, crashed items, and the ownership of UFO material.

Dr. Fridman questioned Dr. Nolan about how many extraterrestrial civilizations there are in the cosmos. He said, “Countless.” What a waste of space to have all this space only for us! I would just be amazed. “We shall never know what kinds of empires flourished and perished in that region, but it is not particularly regrettable to be ignorant of something so big.”

Contact with intelligent life other than humans is not just a modern conspiracy; it is mentioned in ancient texts. Sumerian texts probably suggest “supernatural beings” (Anunnaki) who came from heaven. This was even pointed out by former Apollo astronaut Al Worden.

The CIA declassified about 12 million pages of information in 2017, exposing previously unknown details about the program called Project Stargate. CIA documents detail an experiment in which the project’s most prominent medium, Joseph McMoneagle, was promised astral travel to Mars around 1 million BC. This is happening in 1984. He could observe the civilization that existed on the Red Planet at that time.

“I keep seeing really big people.” They look thin and tall, but they are very large. Ah…wearing some kind of strange clothes.”
“Though we mistakenly believe they are someone else, we are the aliens.” However, we are the ones who came from someplace else because someone else had to live.

They boarded spacecraft, traveled to this location, landed, and then they established civilization. If you don’t think I’m telling the truth, grab some books about the prehistoric Sumerians and read what they have to say.

They’ll inform you immediately.” Another description of the event was provided by the late CIA pilot John Lear. Lear discussed a July 1987 incident in which a massive UFO chased a cargo plane over Anchorage, Alaska, and a 1975 incident in which UFOs allegedly lingered over Strategic Air Command sites.

In an interview for “On the Record,” a 30-minute television show broadcast by KLAS TV in Las Vegas in the late summer of 1987, investigative journalist George Knapp asked Lear about the church’s position on UFOs: “The problem is not just that five or even 10 different civilizations are visiting us. Apparently, and this is from the research I’ve done, at least 90% of them are hostile. “And when I say hostile, if not hostile, they have a completely different set of morals than we do.”

Lear made several claims during his interview with Coast to Coast AM radio programs that may be difficult for anyone to accept. He stated that in 1953, a UFO collided with an alien called EBE 3, which assisted the US government in developing spacecraft with alien technology.

He then stated that in 1962, a ship capable of traveling at incredible speeds was built to carry passengers and deliver them to the moon in less than 60 minutes, and NASA also launched a mission to Mars in 1966.

In addition, John Lear stated that NASA astronauts visited Mars in 1966. In addition, Lear felt that the astronauts had prepared for this journey for a long time. They injected various drugs into humans to help acclimate them to the Martian climate. According to NASA, because astronauts could breathe rarefied Martian air, NASA was able to launch humans onto the red planet for an extended period.

Another case sheds further light on human origins. Alex Collier is a known alien contactee who has claimed to have been in contact with aliens in the Andromeda constellation for over 30 years. Their relationship spanned decades and involved many trips to alien spaceships and psychic connections.

Many well-known UFO enthusiasts have found Alex to be credible, at least in the sense that he is trying to pass on as much information as possible regarding his contacts with the Andromedans.

According to Alex Collier, his first encounter with the Andromedans was in 1964. He had been communicating with them infrequently and persistently since 1985. In 1993, he began attending seminars, where he began to share with the public the information he gained from aliens. In 1997, he received a threat from unknown individuals ordering him to stop distributing the material. He took it seriously and remained silent until 2002.

In his final speech before quitting the UFO lecture circuit in 2002, Collier claimed that the “Founders,” a long-extinct alien civilization, were in charge of establishing the planets’ ecosystems and making them livable. This ancient extraterrestrial race is called “Paa Tal” by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

In order to modify the planet’s orbit around the sun and control the quantity of radiation, he even asserted that aliens could remove the moons.

There are rumors that the Andromedans are able to build a solar system. 22 extraterrestrial races, according to Collier, make up the human race. He said in an interview from 1994 that the constellation Lyra is the source of all human life.

He noted that the aliens in Andromeda were identical to humans in every way. They were between 1.2 and 2.4 meters tall and had white and blue skin.

He even discussed missing children, the impending New World Order, the hold of evil forces on world leaders, the presence of reptilian aliens, our religions, and the history of the Earth and the Universe.

Considering the Collier case, there may be some truth to the statement made by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer that aliens not only exist but are present on Earth among humans.

He said that four alien races had been coming to Earth for a very long time. During the Cold War in the 1960s, Paul Hellyer, a high-ranking government official, claimed to have conclusively uncovered the presence of aliens while serving in the military. According to him, aliens have been visiting Earth for millennia.

Strange behavior toward humans is classified into two categories: positive and negative. In the case of astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the aliens are described as non-violent, while Lear describes them as hostile. Humans can come into contact with both friendly and hostile alien civilizations.

William Tompkins (1923–2017), one of the most secretive scientists in the United States, spoke about the role of extraterrestrial intelligence in a secret space program in his book.

My existence in the ultra-secret world of UFO think tanks and Nordic secretaries is described in the book “Selected by Extraterrestrials.”

The “Draco,” whose declared objective was to wipe humans from the Earth, and the “Nordics,” who helped the US launch the Apollo program, were the two different alien races he addressed.

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