Artifacts Of Extraterrestrial Origin Discovered In Egypt

Artifacts of extraterrestrial origin discovered in Egypt, this is a new conspiracy theory that tends to take shape.

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It is about certain artifacts that were discovered in the Egyptian pyramids at the beginning of the last century and which were deliberately hidden by certain people.

These artifacts can make a connection with extraterrestrial life or even connect the Egyptian civilization to a mysterious extraterrestrial civilization. According to a conspiracy theory, these artifacts were discovered at the beginning of the last century and for reasons that are difficult to understand, they were deliberately taken over and hidden.

It cannot be said exactly who discovered them, but they were discovered in a secret room in Sir William Petrie’s house.

Sir William Petrie was a famous Egyptologist and is the one blamed for hiding these artifacts. It is not possible to say exactly why the Egyptologist decided to hide his findings, but it is assumed that he did not want to share with anyone the existence of an alleged link between the ancient Egyptians and an extraterrestrial species.

Another interesting fact happened in 1942 when the artifacts were taken over by the Rockefeller Museum. Normally, they should have been exhibited in the museum, but they were once again hidden from the eyes of the curious. I’m wondering why? Among the artifacts now in the possession of the Rockefeller Museum are two mummified bodies. It is said that they are at least 4 meters high and cannot be attributed to people from ancient times.

The physical characteristics of the alleged mummified organisms indicate their possible extraterrestrial nature. The heads are elongated, the eyes extremely large and the arms somewhat spiral-shaped. If this information is true, then it is clear that extraterrestrials lived and collaborated in one way or another with the ancient Egyptians.

Currently, it is not possible to say exactly where these mummies are located, as well as the other artifacts, but they are living proof that the history of humanity is not the one presented in the history books.

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