The Strange Disappearance From China In 1987

According to accounts of the time, all the Chinese who disappeared in one night since 1987, not only people, about 10,000, but also their cats, dogs, and even cattle.

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

There were no signs of what had happened, and all the houses appeared to have been quickly evacuated, with the tables being set with the abandoned goods.

But that was just the beginning as reports began to emerge claiming that there had been numerous UFO sightings in the area in the days leading up to the disappearance. On this occasion, some neighbors reportedly saw a formation of eight lights in the sky just above the town for about half an hour and causing the clouds to darken before emitting a bright purple flash and a loud explosion.

In the strange world of disappearances and people who have seemingly ceased to exist, there is the phenomenon of people who simply “disappeared” for no apparent reason. To think that an entire population can disappear without a trace is truly terrifying, which in turn prompts all kinds of speculation about what might have happened.

But anyone who thinks it’s hard enough for a town to disappear should know that there have been well-documented cases throughout our history, such as the Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island in Dare County, now North Carolina, United States of America; Anjikuni, the Vanishing Eskimos of Canada; or the Hanging Rock Picnic in Australia, a group of students from a boarding school who inexplicably disappeared. And a very curious story that surfaced not long ago has to do with a town in a remote part of China that supposedly disappeared overnight.

In a 205,800 square kilometer region of central China’s Shaanxi Province sits a rural town like any other in the region, with nothing particularly out of the ordinary except for the nearby location of a launch center of rockets.
But in 2010, it became known on Chinese social networks, when the story of the complete disappearance of this small town from the face of the earth became known.

They also said that the area was infested with snakes shortly before the city disappeared for unknown reasons, and the reason the case was not known until 23 years later was that the Chinese government covered up the incident.

According to New Tang Dynasty Television, the residents were “transferred” in the middle of the night in an operation that was related to a secret project, presumably of a military nature (although there is supposedly a buried nuclear base). somewhere deep in the mountains).

A large number of troops were sent to the place, and all the people were taken away during the night, including men and animals. The mysterious operation had a code name, Operation Night Cat.

Some witnesses even claimed to have seen people getting into military trucks. Additionally, in the days following the city’s disappearance, numerous military vehicles, tanks, and even rocket launchers appeared in the area, sparking all kinds of speculation from disaster cover-ups to UFOs.

Of course, the Chinese government has completely denied that it participated in the mysterious disappearance of people.
Given that these stories originated on social media, along with Chinese internet censorship, anyone can believe that this is just an urban legend fueled by a total inability to corroborate the accounts.

But we must also remember how the disasters hidden by the Chinese government, such as the famous catastrophe of March 3, 1996, in Xichang, took place. The details of the worst missile launch accident in history are known only because it was witnessed by numerous foreign experts.

As Air & Space / Smithsonian magazine reported in 2013, the town near the launch center has disappeared, as if it never existed. Currently, there is no memorial to the victims, and its history has never been mentioned in the state-controlled Chinese media.

But it must also be said that the case of the Shaanxi people is completely different, especially because of the strange lights in the sky, the appearance of several UFOs, and dozens of snakes slithering down the mountains to protect themselves from a seemingly invisible danger.

In the end, we’re just left with more questions than answers: If so, why did this city suddenly vanish? Was he taken away by the military for an unidentified reason? Was there a connection to the reported UFO sightings? Is there more to it than simply a conspiracy theory or urban internet lore?

According to some stories, the town is still deserted; nevertheless, it is unknown what became of its residents, who were never heard from again. Thanks to websites, we’re confident that this tale will remain a mystery for a very long time.

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