The Mysterious Secret of China’s Pyramids

The secret of the Chinese pyramids. The pyramids in China are forbidden to the public and it is believed that this way the government wants to keep a secret, thousands of years old, intact.

Photo by kevsunblush from wikipedia

Although they are not as well known as those in Egypt, the pyramids in China are just as imposing and grand. Used as burial tombs for ancient dynasties, the pyramids have been less publicized over time.

Most of the pyramids are located in Central China, and some of them have become important tourist attractions. As tall as those in Egypt, the Chinese pyramids are more like those in Mexico because they have flat tops.

Over time, they were covered with mud, which is why grass grew on them. Also, the pyramids in China are directly connected to certain constellations, as archaeologists have anticipated.

There are also many similarities between these constructions and those in Egypt or Mexico. It seems that they are erected according to the same method and were used to bury the rulers of the Chinese empire.

There is a legend that claims that the pyramids were built by an extraterrestrial civilization more than 5000 years ago. Chinese mythology indicates that man, since ancient times, had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, considering their deities.

These pyramids were also highlighted by satellite images and they date from such distant periods that the history of China no longer has any recorded references about them. About 38 pyramids are located 25–35 km northwest of Xi’an on the Qin Chuan Plains in Shaanxi Province.

The first mentions of the White Pyramid appeared in the West in the 40s when the British pilot James Gausmann reported its probable presence near the city of Xi’an.

Western archaeologists’ access was restricted for a long time, but when the restrictions were lifted, they uncovered many other ancient monuments.
However, then, but also now, there was the essential question.

Who built the pyramids in China? It is impossible to answer precisely, but it is clear that they have the same history as those in Egypt.

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