12 Alien Races Have Secret Bases: On Mars, On Neptune, On Venus, or Even Under the Earth

From Stewart Swerdlow’s book, “Montauk — The Alien Connection” I took for this article a fragment that seemed very interesting to me…

Image by Peace, love,happiness from Pixabay

At the origin of life on Earth, there were 12 alien races. This means that the 12 alien races have agreed to genetically manipulate and plant life on this planet as part of a grand experiment. Some of the races have lost interest in Earth, and others have completely changed their original ideas.

Many of the aliens have kept bases in our solar system to keep an eye on Earth. For example, the Sirians (the inhabitants of Sirius) have a base on Mars that is thousands of years old. The Amphibians (another race of aliens) have based on Neptune and Titan, a satellite of the planet Saturn.

The Draconians (reptile extraterrestrials) have bases installed on Venus, but also under the Earth. The Pleiadians have a base on one of Jupiter’s satellites. Other extraterrestrials maintain platforms or orbital stations around Earth and other planets in our solar system. Many of the bases are well hidden and cannot be discovered by humans.

At the beginning of the 90s, Marina Popovici, a famous and legendary Soviet pilot, secretly began investigating the disappearance of two Soviet ships (Phobos 1 and Phobos 2) that were sent in 1988 to explore the planet Mars.

In April 1989, after the loss of Phobos 1, it was Phobos’ turn to miraculously get lost in space, but before this event, he managed to take one last strange photo in which a huge alien spacecraft for 20 kilometers long can be seen!

According to the information obtained by Marina Popovici, Phobos 2 was destroyed by this gigantic alien spacecraft, from Sirius, at the behest of the American government, which did not want the public to know the truth about the “megalithic monuments” on the red planet.

And that’s because the US government is secretly working with aliens on Sirius…

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