The Black Pyramid Of Alaska

Although no one knows there is a black pyramid twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza buried deep beneath Alaska around the Mount McKinley area.

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Furthermore, this story appeared as early as 1992, the same year that China conducted an underground nuclear test in LonPor, detonating a one-megaton device… under the desert in northwest China, and was at first thought to be a major earthquake when it was detected by some seismologists.

That year, on Anchorage’s Channel 13, three scientists announced that they had accidentally discovered an unexplained structure underground, which they located using seismic recording equipment.

Geologists utilized the detonation to conduct a seismographic study of the earth’s crust, according to Douglas A. Mutschler, but they were disappointed to discover “a pyramidal edifice greater than Cheops” underneath, west of Mount McKinley.

Mutschler recalls that the local NBC affiliate ran a story announcing the discovery of the structure about 6 months after the detonation, but when Mutschler tried to contact the station for a copy of the story (obviously not as part of his duties at Fort Richardson) she they denied that the story had ever been broadcast and stated that they certainly did not have a copy to offer. Mutschler then called relatives to find copies of the story that aired on other stations, but apparently, none were found, the discovery appearing only on Anchorage’s Channel 13.

Douglas wrote a letter to Moulton on June 22, 20112. “According to Douglas A. Mutschler Subject: Pyramid under Alaska, to Linda Moulton Howe? the 22nd of June 2012.”

My name is Douglas A. Mutschler, CW2, USA, and I learned that Alaska had an underground pyramid during my tour of service there. After they informed us that this was reported in 1992, I learned of further facts regarding it. I attempted to share this knowledge with others, but I haven’t received any feedback. Buried the very day after it was brought to my attention.

If you can help me get this information to you please call me so I can talk to you about it. My phone number — -.
The whole story is quite interesting and this can be easily verified. If you’re interested, I can give you the entire account. I’ve only been in touch with a few people, and none of them have responded. I’m unsure if my emails are reaching them or if news reporters aren’t interested in this old issue.

Thank you for your time on this matter. Douglas A. Mutschler”
Since this discovery, more and more anonymous retired military personnel have come forward, conveniently refusing to speak to anyone but the famous ufologist Linda Moulton Howe, telling her the secret story of a guarded black pyramid.

July 26, 2012 — Linda Moulton Howe announced the discovery on the late-night radio show Coast to Coast AM. That evening, Moulton Howe aired a pre-recorded interview with Doug Mutschler, “a retired US Army counterintelligence warrant officer”, who provided many of the initial “facts” about the pyramid and first claimed the site’s current connection to the American army.

It is said to be a structure constructed by a prehistoric civilization that has the capacity to produce enough electricity to power “not just all of Alaska but most likely all of Canada.”

Some have suggested that this pyramid was constructed by Nikola Tesla himself, or that it was found in the last months of World War II, perhaps in 1949 or 1992. The US military or a secret private militia that closely regulates access to the location guards the shadowy pyramid. Is it alien technology or a remnant of a lost human civilization generating its energy?

The indefatigable Mutschler was transferred from Alaska to Fort Meade (the top-secret home of the National Security Agency), where he used classified archives, finding evidence that seemed to confirm the pyramid story. They were people who worked on a powerful electrical system of unknown origin emanating from a very large underground pyramid in Alaska between 1959 and 1961.

Thus, one witness stated: “After graduating from college, my father was “re-enlisted” by the military to join a group of other experts to study and work on an underground structure in Alaska, which, in his words, they called the “Dark Pyramid.” He spoke many times about how seriously the government took this project and the steps they took to keep it secret. (I always assumed that it’s a military installation.)

He said it was a power distribution study. He went on to be the key leader of the “information bubble” for AT&T, which of course was the precursor to the web and cell phone technology we all know today.

If this pyramid that was supposedly found in 1992 is true, it is possible that our governor knew about it much earlier and took extensive measures to keep it hidden, making everything confidential…”

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