TR-3B — Alien Technology Patent?

If you are one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have seen the triangular UFO over the past two decades, you can now see its actual shape in technical drawings.

Screenshot from Facebook video

Where did these charts come from? original US Patent 20060145019 A1 for a triangular ship known in exopolitics as the abbreviation TR-3B!

A spacecraft that is triangular with vertical electrostatic charges that generate at each of its corners a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the body. The patent was filed on December 20, 2004, by inventor John St. Clairem, a new spaceship with a futuristic propulsion system.

The invention relates to a spacecraft propulsion system that uses a rotating octagon of an electrically charged flat panel to create an electric dipole torque that generates body lift. Inside each panel is electrostatically charged rods that form a plane electric field, which exits through the panel openings, creating an ellipsoidal potential bubble on the outside of the fuselage.

The rotating field creates a magnetic moment which, together with the magnetic field gradient developed by the rotating electric field of the electrostatically charged panels, and that lifting force propels the ship. The potential energy field is increased by using the double hull for the ship with materials with special properties and attributes.

This combination of fields creates a spatial curvature according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, and it is no wonder that the military keeps it so well hidden … It seems strange that a patent suddenly appears in the public domain without further publicity.

Until recently, the existence of T3-RB belonged more to the circles of unauthorized rumors from anonymous informants without other evidence. On the Internet, we can find photos that give the impression that the flying car has been designed for a long time.

And what is most interesting about the whole patent business — according to the mentioned informants, the T3-RB (or something very similar to it) should have existed sometime in the 60s/70s. years of the last century.

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