Meetings Between Military Ships And UFOs Mother Ships — Part. 1

There have been endless numbers of UFO sightings over the decades around the world, and some of the recorded sightings there have been witnessed by qualified military personnel.

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The strangest of all is when these mysterious objects seem to have a physical impact on the people who witness them. These UFO motherships are large and equipped with very advanced technologies. There have been several strange experiences in the great expanses of our world’s oceans that have caused bodily repercussions for those who encountered them.

In the November 1981 issue of Flying Saucer Review, an eyewitness sent a letter directly to the magazine claiming to have had a bizarre and terrifying encounter over the ocean with a gigantic cigar-shaped unidentified flying object. According to the witness, she was working for NATO as an English language secretary in Paris at the time of the incident and was on a military mission aboard an Air Canada DC-8 aircraft.

The witness was traveling from Paris to Canada with fifty NATO staff who were going to Ottawa for NATO ministerial meetings. The plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean at the time, and the witness was in a window seat, looking at the sky when she noticed something unusual and enormous.

“I was just reaching to get a book from the lobby and was amazed to see under the plane something dark and extraordinary, which stood out in vivid contrast with the surrounding brightness. I could not believe my eyes. I almost out the window in disbelief and there, almost below the DC-8, was a giant dark gray ‘torpedo.’

It looked menacing and terrifying and I thought it was stationary. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in my entire life. It appeared to be made of steel. There were no portholes or windows visible, no wings or projections. Nothing but a long, perfect torpedo shape, with a bullet-shaped head and a rear end that was cut off sharply and straight.

The monster — and I emphasize that this terrifying size impressed me — was far below us. I thought maybe 2,000 meters below us, but of course, I had no way to measure that or estimate the size of the object. I looked again quickly at the monster and I saw that a strip of small clouds was beginning to pass over it, it remained visible for a few seconds before it was lost from sight.

It appeared that no one else on the flight had seen the enormous object because when the witness looked around the mostly empty plane, she saw that other passengers were either sleeping or engaged in reading a book. The witness was very disturbed by what she had seen a few moments ago, and for fear of being believed and ridiculed, chose not to mention anything at the time.

At the time, the witness was not aware of the UFO phenomenon, so she was a little frustrated and confused by what she had seen, but after a few years, she read several books about UFOs, which made her realize that she was not crazy. . Therefore, she was even convinced that she had spotted a UFO. He also believed that the object he had seen was connected to something even more frightening that had happened after the sighting of the strange object.

After seeing the monster “torpedo” I sat there thinking for half an hour, as I recall, when suddenly the DC-8 began to shake violently up and down, climbing with muzzle steeply up, then steeply down. , and that went on for a long, long time.

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I could explain that we often encounter turbulence and “air pockets” when traveling by plane, but it was never anything like this. It was like being in a giant elevator that was going up and down like crazy. And as if that wasn’t enough, immediately came a succession of signals like cannon fire or thunder, filling the cabin.

Meanwhile, the plane continued to shake violently and every time it went down I felt like it was going to break in half. During all of this, everyone in the passenger cabin stood there petrified, absolutely silent, white-faced. After a while of this, I was so panicked that I rushed to the front looking for a flight attendant, and yelled “What’s going on? I’m scared!”

I raised a curtain in front of what appeared to be a sleeping bed and found a stewardess lying on the bed there, her hands covering her eyes as if she were crying. She didn’t respond to my cries and there was still total silence all around, apart from the roar of the engines, overlaid with repeated “thunder rumbles” and the continuous pitching up and down of the plane.

I returned to my seat and suddenly found myself drenched in sweat. Every pore in my body seemed to be working hard. And yet I noticed that the loose dress I was wearing was still completely dry. The second time, I ran to the flight attendants’ room, but there was no one there. I beat with a hammer in the door leading to the cockpit and I called out again asking what was going on as I was scared to death.

The other flight attendant came out and looked at me like I was an idiot and didn’t say anything for a while. Then, calmly, she announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, do not be alarmed: the cabin is depressurized.” Shortly afterward the captain was heard making the same announcement.”

Despite having no previous knowledge of UFOs, he now believes the two events are closely related. Her suspicions extend to the possibility that the crew may have tried to cover up something about the incident.

“I would very much like to know whether all that I have just described, of the violent behavior of the aircraft and the noisy reports, can be explained as being due to the ‘depressurization’ process, and if so, what are the circumstances under which it is likely to have made it necessary taking such alarming and drastic measures? Is this sort of thing common and normal — as the calm demeanor of the flight attendant in question seemed to indicate?

And why, in this case, had the other flight attendant — as it appeared — cried? It must have been that simply because she, like all of us, found the turbulence a little too alarming. “Or is it possible that she is still suffering from shock after seeing the giant ‘torpedo’? It would certainly be interesting to know the answers to these questions.”

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As for the flight crew, there was only one flight attendant who looked upset. What is certain is that the pilots up in the nacelle would certainly have had plenty of time to see the “cigar” as it cut slightly diagonally across their path from the port side and well below them.

No explanation or comment about the “cigar” was given by the captain or any other crew member, and no statement was made by the authorities when we landed in Canada. We were flying under the auspices of NATO and in that sense, we were under military control.

Under such circumstances, it would not be surprising if the cockpit crew and flight attendants were less receptive to a UFO than they likely would have been if it had been an ordinary passenger flight…

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