The Origin and Secrets of Humanity

The number of alien species in the universe is the subject of many hypotheses.

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Entities from outer space have been observed by many UFO enthusiasts, abductees, and even members of the government. Alex Collier is the only person who has spoken to the aliens from Andromeda (the Andromedans) and provided detailed information about them.

Many of his interviews focused on the impact that various alien species have had on the human race.
Collier is considered credible by many well-known UFO enthusiasts, at least in the sense that he is trying to pass on as much information as possible from his encounters with the Andromedans.

From his early childhood to his mid-teens, he had regular encounters with extraterrestrial life. After a break of several years, during which he served as a helicopter pilot in the US Army, contact was resumed in 1985.
When Collier met the two Andromedans, they became his mentors and brought him aboard their spaceship for three months, where Collier was exposed to the teachings of the Andromedans.

The Andromedans told him about the spirituality of the universe, life in the universe, and Earth’s place in the history of the galaxy.
The Andromedans are “one of the thousands of existing alien races.” Andromedans are people with blue skin who are over 2 meters tall. All human life began in the Lyra constellation, according to Collier, author of Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium. But a war caused their stars to explode, so people had to move to other parts of the galaxy to stay alive.

According to Collier, the variety of skin tones is because people have varied DNA according to different celestial bodies. In the Andromeda constellation, the Andromeda beings are one of the oldest societies.
The Andromeda civilization has a single government and is 4,700 years more spiritual and 5,000 years more technologically advanced than us, regardless of where it exists in the constellation.


However, they strike a healthy balance between the spiritual and technological aspects of their lives. In other words, they use technology to progress spiritually.
This is because there are multiple levels of size. We are in the third dimension right now. I haven’t even gotten to the fourth, let alone the fifth. Consciousness is what differentiates the third and fourth dimensions.
3D thinking is imbued with unconscious judgments.

Moreover, we perceive the 3D experience predominantly with the left hemisphere of the brain, the seat of the rational mind, and thus we use somewhere around 10% of the brain’s capacity to play the 3D game. Most of us suspect that something is going on with the rest of our brains, but we don’t have the faintest idea of what it does or how it works. In fact and by right, the rest of our brain allows us to function in the higher dimensions, the fourth, fifth, and even higher.

We already have the potential, everything we need, right now, to be fully aware of all these dimensions. But our habits of thinking and feeling, cemented in so many lives, tame us and limit us to the 3D experience. The left side of our brain, the rational mind, knows what it knows and doesn’t know what it doesn’t, working non-stop to keep us in this spectrum of objective thinking and 3D possibilities. And most of the time, we let ourselves be led by it. but not for long.

The constant increase in energies and frequencies generated by “passing” re-calibrates our brain, to allow us to access a wider spectrum of information and possibilities. These energies prepare us for 4D and 5D experiences, as they clear the rigid “rules” of 3D from our consciousness.

There is a collective consciousness in the fourth dimension because everyone is telepathic and can read each other’s minds. As a result, each individual is genuine, open, and free of hidden thoughts. A being becomes clairvoyant when entering this dimension, as energy systems and fields can be observed in this state of consciousness.

The judiciary will be able to make decisions based on energy domains, however, dualities will persist and court processes will be altered. The people of Andromeda have never known a society as tyrannical as ours. The fact that the Andromedans studied all sciences makes them telepaths and clairvoyants.

In every incarnation, all souls are aware of themselves, know where they are going, and know who they are and what their previous incarnations were like. As a bonus, they can track their progress in the afterlife.
According to Collier, who has stated this in numerous interviews, there are “regressive” aliens controlling Earth.

Draco constellation map. Wikipedia

Those aliens arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system. According to him, humanity is shared by two philosophical belief systems. One conveys love and freedom of choice, while the other demonstrates control and the use of resources. He claims that the Andromedans are the result of human DNA manipulation.

The Earth has been extensively manipulated over the past 5,700 years. However, aliens from Orion began manipulating the structure of human DNA 14,000 years ago.

According to Collier, in his last lecture before retiring from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002, aliens from an ancient race known as the “Founders” are responsible for creating the planets’ ecosystems and making them habitable. “Paa Tal” is the name given to this ancient alien race by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

He even said that these aliens could escape from a planet’s moons to change the distance between the planet and the sun and control the amount of radiation. The Andromedans are said to have the ability to build a solar system.

We are about 4,300 to 4,500 years behind the Andromedans when it comes to technology, according to Collier. They don’t count the years as we do on Earth, in 365 days. According to many aliens, one year is the time it takes each cell in their body to copy itself, which takes about 34 years.

Collier claims that humans are made up of 22 different alien races. He estimated that the planets in the eight galaxies closest to ours have a total population of 135 billion people.

When he visited one of those potentially habitable planets, he said that because of Earth’s bad reputation, the inhabitants were terrified to see it. Throughout the cosmos, humans are the only species capable of enslaving and killing their people for their gain.

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