The Montauk Project — Fragment

The message received by the management of the Montauk project read as follows: “There are underground facilities, we saw open entrances and sealed entrances.” Tell us what to do…


The coordinates of these underground galleries were requested, and they sent a fully automatic robot that would take him through the portal to a large cave.

That was where the first Montauk explorers were sent, which were Duncan and Bielek. Therefore, this first Montauk crew explored the subsurface of Mars. And there were probably others later.

Duncan and Bielek participated in the experiment several times. Bielek says they found all kinds of artifacts, as well as an underground lighting system and a still-functioning power system.

They were able to get these systems back up and running. Many artifacts and record files were found, all stored in a huge cave that looked like a huge warehouse. The graphics were in a language they couldn’t decipher.

“After returning to Earth, we all went through the so-called ‘flight talk’, during which all memories of the project were electronically erased.”

Project Montauk’s leadership hoped that the memory wipe would be permanent, which was not confirmed, and memories were fully restored over time due to the different structures of the human brain and the seat of human consciousness in a higher dimension.

During research trips underground on Mars, we found the remains of an ancient civilization that predated our own, and this was very unusual.

We saw that the remaining artifacts belonged to one of the greatest civilizations, and we realized that they died where they sat, working without interruption.

They probably survived underground, aware that on the surface, their circular cities were destroyed long ago…

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