The Blue-Eyed Alien

Alien abductions have always been stigmatized since the discovery of UFOs.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

While reports of strange lights or objects in the sky are taken seriously and thought to be plausible, abductions are more frequent. Some of these alien abduction cases may be so bizarre that they leave us perplexed and wondering what is going on. Kidnapping cases became a point of discussion.

The story of the Brazilian farmer who was taken aboard a spaceship to create an alien entity is one of the craziest of these alien abduction cases. In October 1957, a strange string of occurrences took place in a remote area close to Sao Francisco de Sales, Brazil. Antonio Villas-Boas, his brother Joao, and their family lived here, and on the night of October 14, they had an unusual encounter while plowing a field.

Even though it was normal for them to work at night due to the oppressive heat and often exhausting nature of the task, that evening was different. They were working in the fields when they noticed a bright red ball of light in the sky that they couldn’t bear to look at directly.

At the sight of the strange object, Antonio made his way nearer to it, but whenever he tried to approach it, it ran away from him, as if he were playing a game, while his brother did not move, for he was terrified. The two brothers did nothing but watch the object spread multiple beams of light in all directions before flying off into the night. But that wasn’t the end of the weirdness. In fact, for Antônio, it was just the beginning.

This time, Antônio was alone in the field on the night of October 16, 1957, when he noticed a red star overhead among the flashing lights of the starry sky. As the light began to expand in size and brightness, he recognized that it was the same light he and his brother had seen previously.

Instead of running away, the light seemed to quickly approach him, and the horrified farmer could see that it was an egg-shaped spaceship with a rotating dome and a glowing red light on top.

Using three metal legs that came out from under the UFO, it gently touched the field next to Antonio before a hatch opened to release a 1.5-meter-tall humanoid alien in a helmet and gray overalls. To get away, Boas turned his tractor around and tried to flee, but the vehicle quickly stalled, forcing him to continue on foot.

He didn’t get very far, and the alien managed to catch him. The alien was with three other aliens that looked the same and communicated by yelling in a sort of barking manner. They dragged Antonio into their UFO, according to Antonio, because he was unable to effectively defend himself against them.

He was kept in a brightly lit room, where the aliens stripped him and covered him in a slippery gelatinous material before transporting him to another room filled with strange red symbols.

The aliens cut his chin to draw blood before leaving him alone for a while. As he sat there, scared and unsure of what was going to happen next, a foul-smelling gas was introduced into the room, causing Antonio to vomit.

Another being appeared before him an hour later; this was a pretty girl with long platinum hair and huge blue eyes who was described as absolutely hot by Antonio. She was empty, just like me. I was speechless, and the woman seemed to be amused by the look on my face.

She was very beautiful, but her beauty was completely different from the women I knew. Her hair, soft and light, even very light, as if bleached, was parted in the middle. He had big, blue, almond-shaped eyes. His nose was straight. Unusually high cheekbones gave the face a special shape.

It was much wider than that of South American Indian women. The pointed chin made the face look triangular. She had thin, slightly protruding lips, and her ears, which we only saw later, were the same as our women’s. He also said that he had sexual relations with that creature.

Afterward, she rubbed her stomach, which she understood would carry her child. He was then left at his tractor four hours later with strange burns on his body that he did not remember having. Over the next few days, he continued to experience a variety of medical issues, including excruciating headaches, nausea, and enigmatic skin lesions that suddenly appeared on his body.

The burns were still there. Unsure of what to do, he sought medical help and was eventually examined by Dr. Olavo Fontes of the National School of Medicine in Brazil. After examining him, the doctor said that Antonio was in a terrible condition and suffering from radiation poisoning.

Among his symptoms, Antonio had pains all over his body, nausea, headaches, a loss of appetite, constant burning sensations in his eyes, skin lesions at the slightest bruising, etc., which persisted in developing for months and had the appearance of tiny yellowish-watery nodules with a small central hole, each of which was harder than the skin around it, bulging, and painful to the touch. The skin around the wounds showed a hyperchromatic area with a purple tint.

When Antonio was approached by journalist Jose Martins about the incident, the story was quickly picked up by ufologists, and by 1958, the entire unusual narrative had received worldwide recognition and was increasingly mentioned in the media.

The whole incident was so bizarre that it bordered on the absurd. Alien abduction stories were almost nonexistent at the time, and Antonio’s claim was one of the first to ever receive substantial attention, so many people were perplexed.

Even the ufologists had their doubts about it all, and it was suggested that he made it all up after reading a similar strange description in a popular magazine called O Cruzeiro, and also that he was greatly influenced by the incredibly bizarre reports of the ufologist Georges Adamski on the victims of alien encounters.

It seemed suspicious that he had a full memory of the entire incident without any regressive hypnosis. Therefore, it has been claimed that he came up with the idea in 1958 and then turned his story around to make it sound more convincing.

Even among the most ardent ufologists, stories of alien hybrids and extraterrestrial sexual experiences have persisted to this day. How could an alien have DNA compatible with ours to the point where they could conceive one of our children? It is scientifically implausible.

There are many things about this case that do not have a scientific explanation, so it has been widely ignored. Although his story was labeled a hoax, that doesn’t mean he was crazy. Antonio later became a respected lawyer and also always believed in his story until his death. Antonio died in 1992.

As reported by Johannes von Butlar in his book The UFO Phenomenon, surgeon Walter K. Buchler, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, said in a telephone conversation on May 24, 1978, “I do not doubt that this happened.” He referred to the fact, still unpublished at the time, of “Dr. Fontes’ thorough examination of Boas with the help of a special device—a Geiger counter—in which radioactive contamination was found on his body and clothes.”

Was this alien abduction story just the ramblings of a troubled guy or a hoax, or was there something more to it? Regardless of the truth, this is one of the first publicly reported UFO abduction stories and continues to be debated today.

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