The Mystery Of The Alien ALIOSENKA

Myth or reality? The mystery of the ALIEN Alioshenka found by an old woman in Russia The story begins in 1996, in the Celiabiansk region of Russia.

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Scientists considered him an extraterrestrial and priests claimed he was a demon. This creature was still alive when it was found by the old woman.

The creature was first considered a joke, then a sensation in the medical world, which would say that: “A gene discovered in the DNA samples does not correspond to either humans or anthropoid monkeys”.

Old Tamara Prosvirina gave the creature a name: Alioşenka. He did not harm anyone, but after his death, various strange things happened. The old woman who found him died in a trivial accident, academician Mark Mikhiker, who did some research in the area, died shortly after returning to Moscow, and the alien’s body disappeared without a trace. Only a “piece” remained of it, enough to do research.

The story of the alien Alioshenka, which disturbed the community of Russian scientists, is much more complex.

It had humanoid features and was only 21 centimeters tall. The old woman took him home, convinced that God had sent him to her, she took care of him like her own child, fed him, rocked him, and bathed him. He kept him swaddled like a newborn and told everyone that he would adopt him. According to the accounts of the witnesses, Alioshenka had no genitals and no navel.

The head resembled a helmet and consisted of four plates, pointed at the top. He had huge eyes, which never closed, without pupils or iris. It had a small opening for a mouth, with two teeth, which was not designed to receive solid food. That’s exactly why Tamara had only fed him liquids, milk sweetened with honey, tea, or kvass (the popular Russian soft drink). His body was milky white, and his joints had a different structure, which made his hands and feet more flexible than those of humans.

To trace its origin, the creature was subjected to a medical examination by the local forensic doctor, Stanislav Samoşkin. After the check, the doctor declared that the creature was neither of human nor animal origin.

He was the first to utter the term “alien”, a version than supported by most of the witnesses. Several series of photographs and a film were then taken, and the doctor took and preserved a sample of the creature’s tissue. While the investigation was ongoing, the body disappeared under absolutely strange circumstances. The coroner stated that he handed over the body to researchers who said they were being sent from Moscow to retrieve the alien’s mummy. But the “researchers” apparently did not exist…

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