Declassified UFO documents by the CIA are now accessible online

The “Black Vault” documents cover a wide range of topics, including senior government officials’ briefings on UFOs and mysterious explosions in Russia.

Print screen from the Black Vault site

Government documents dating back more than three decades can now be viewed online and downloaded, thanks to the efforts of some persistent truth-seekers.

The database contains more than 2,700 documents related to UFOs declassified by the CIA since the 1980s (the United States government also calls them “unidentified flying phenomena”).

According to Black Vault, an online database that hosts an impressive collection of UFO documents, the documents were obtained following a long line of Freedom of Information Act requests filed last century.

Over time, so many requests accumulated that the CIA created a CD-ROM of the declassified documents, known as the “UFO Collection.”

In the summer of 2020, the CD was purchased by John Greenwald Jr., the creator of the Black Vault, who recently finished uploading all the documents on the CD to his website in PDF format.

The documents cover dozens of incidents, from briefings received personally by senior US officials to a description of a mysterious explosion in a small Russian town.

It may not be totally possible to verify the CIA’s assertion that this is their “entire” collection of (declassified) papers.

Black Vault’s investigation will go on to investigate if any more documents are still hidden in the CIA’s hands. it adds.

While the new documents are by no means negligible, they are only a tiny fraction of the Black Vault’s enormous database, which contains more than 2.2 million pages of material related to unidentified flying objects.

Greenwald finished uploading the documents months before the US Defense Department and US intelligence officials were to be questioned by Congress about UFOs.

The director of the US intelligence community and the secretary of defense will have less than six months to make a declassified report about “unidentified aerial phenomena” available to the parliamentary committees on security and the armed forces.

The provision was included in the intelligence section of the $2.3 trillion economic rescue package signed by President Donald Trump late last year.

Below you will find the link to the Black Vault website.

Print screen from the Black Vault site

All of these are freely available on the Black Vault website.

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