The Message From An Alien On Earth For 3000 Years

There have been various accounts of extraterrestrial beings surfing the internet, but this enigmatic story of an extraterrestrial being is sure to blow your mind.

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An incredible account of an extraterrestrial being living on Earth has been published in an article. According to the aliens themselves, he lived in a human body and according to the Earth calendar, he was 3000 years old.

It all started when a journalist received a call from a female acquaintance who informed him that while on vacation in the Philippines, she had encountered an extraterrestrial being. This enigmatic story caught the attention of the journalist, so he asked his friend to arrange a physical meeting with that alien. After being approached, the alien was prepared to meet the journalist in person.

When the journalist met the alien, he was amazed to see its appearance, as it looked similar to a human, and its voice had no difference from a human voice. His tone conveyed an air of self-confidence and calmness. During the encounter, the alien revealed that his name is Shimikus Etua and that he inhabits the body of an ordinary human being named Eugene Randall. Shimikus stated that Eugene willingly gave him his body.

Asked where he was born, Shimikus told the journalist that he arrived on planet Earth from a planetary system that was not too far from the North Star, which can be seen in the constellation Ursa Minor. According to Shimikus, he was born aboard a giant earth-traveling mothership. He also claimed that he was just over 3000 years old, measured in terms of Earth years.

He answered yes when the journalist asked Shimikus whether or not members of his species believe in God or a Supreme Being. After a period of aggression, Shimikus states, his race was able to annihilate many other civilizations until a local priest began preaching a positive attitude and teaching the aliens to be compassionate. Since then, his alien race began to evolve.

These beings from other planets are worried about the human race because humans have decided to destroy themselves. When Shimikus was asked about the relationship between aliens and humans, he replied that aliens are similar to wild humans and primitive tribes. Currently, there are other members of his species who, like him, inhabit the bodies of ordinary people.

Shimikus Etua claims that more than eight thousand of his relatives live on this planet. In addition, Shimikus and the other members of his species are very concerned that humanity has begun to use and create nuclear power. This is because nuclear power is known to cause significant damage to anything in its vicinity, including space.

Additionally, he revealed that he and other aliens of his race can have sexual encounters with humans without problems. He stated that his race can also be successful in conceiving and bearing children. Shimikus Etua has already produced a lot of human children.

Similar to his race, our world is home to a variety of other alien species, many of which are hostile to humans and use abducted victims for their purposes, such as abduction experiments. Shimikus said that the reason for his species is to fight and eradicate aliens that are harmful to humans.

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