American Soldiers Met The Red Yeti In The Vietnam War

A Reddit user recently shared a curious story about the Red Yeti, which was told to him by his father, who previously served in the US Army and participated in the Vietnam War.

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“Our ancestors have always shared the planet with other types of people, our cousins, such as Neanderthals, Homo erectus, the Flores ‘hobbits’, Australopithecus, Denisovans, and others.”

“Only 50,000 years ago there were several species of humans, only recently we became the only species. However, the more we learn about the history of our species, about how many ape-like creatures lived in ancient times and how many virgin places there are in forests and jungles, the more we must understand and we must not be surprised if some ancient hominin who survived to this day would not live there.

I am aware of two trustworthy individuals who have personally observed an unidentified species of great ape. My father is one of those who spotted “orangutans” in the uninhabited bush on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia during the war. Everyone is aware that orangutans are not present there; instead, they can only be found in Malaysia and Indonesia, two island nations.

But my father is sure he saw creatures that looked a lot like orangutans — they were about 150cm tall, muscular, and covered in red hair like orangutans. At that time, he knew nothing about the orangutan habitat and did not know that what he saw should not exist.

He either witnessed Vietnamese orangutans or an unknown species of other monkeys as a result. His acquaintance, whose father served in the same platoon, corroborated that they had seen these monsters when we got in touch with him. It was in a far-off, unpopulated region of Vietnam that had probably never before been visited by people.

Everything has changed because of the conflict, and I worry that these creatures may already be dead. And this is only one of many huge primate species that escape scientific attention.

We know that Neanderthals and Flores “hobbits” lived about 40,000 years ago, according to fossil finds, but that doesn’t mean they all died then. And that ties into the large number of people who claim to have seen Bigfoot.”

Another Reddit user responded to this story saying he heard the same thing from another Vietnam veteran: “He said he was warned not to feed these critters because they get used to it and get upset when the food will end. He ignored them and continued to give them his ration.

One of them then attacked him after becoming enraged. He added that they resembled orangutans in appearance. According to him, everyone believed they were just orangutan monkeys. Years later, when he saw real orangutans at the zoo, he finally understood they weren’t orangutans at all.

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